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I finally gave up and bought some Browning Game cameras and was having fun with them. They are fine. My desk top computer has been giving me problems opening the cards and I decided to just go buy a viewer. In some locations it says that Browning is no longer making one , customer service was surprisingly unhelpful (I will spare you the conversation) bordering on rude, and more to the point the reviews on what was or is available from Browning are pretty damning...... I don't care about all that and just want to find a reader that will work at a reasonable price. It is my understanding that each of the Game camera companies may /do have their cameras format the cards differently, so that one card reader might not do well with another companies cameras. Any advice would help

From: in the rocks
I went thru this last year, Browning's are the hardest to read. I think there trying to force you to buy there reader. Long story short, I bought Apples sd card reader for my iPhone, maybe 30 bucks and it works awesome. If you don't have a Apple phone, ignore me.

From: Buskill
I also use Apples SD card reader in my IPhone and it works great.

From: t-roy
I’ve got a Lowdown card reader, and it works fine for the cameras I use. I’ve got a bunch of Brownings, a few Moultries, and a couple of older Reconyx cameras. It’s not blazing fast, but seems to work fine for me.

From: sticksender
My Moultrie brand card reader, plugged into an iPhone, using an app called iBrary, reads the image files off Browning cameras just fine. They're simple jpeg files.

From: Shuteye
I already had Browning trail cameras and they were my favorites. My wife bought me a Browning Strike Force APex. I set it up and left it facing the road in front of my house. I was absolutely amazed the it took crystal clear pictures of cars going by at 50 mph. I set it up in the woods and it takes great night time pictures of deer. It has a faster speed than my other Brownings and only takes six batteries instead of eight. I always look at the pictures on my computer with no problem. I also have a real old Mountrie card reader that does well also. I save any pictures I want on my computer and format the card before putting it back in the camera. I have two cards for each camera and carry the spares with me so I just change cards in the woods and take the ones I took out home to my computer.

From: Wildan2
I have had zero problems using Browning cameras and reading on my PC.I format before using and after viewing.Any viewer should read the SD cards. Note;the newest Brownings take awesome video's.

From: Grasshopper
Why would you use a card reader? You can't see the quality of the image. I just swap cards, and view on my 4k laptop display using windows 10. Ezy peezy

From: mrelite
In the field I use the boneview card reader for my S5 phone and at home I just stick the card into my MacPro and it reads the card with no problems.

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