Best trail cam batteries for COLD?
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skookumjt 03-Oct-20
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From: skookumjt
I always used to have great luck with NIMH batteries in my trail cameras. I could put a set of good batteries in a camera in late October and frequently have it still taking pictures in the spring-even through a northern Wisconsin winter taking hundreds of pictures a day.

The last couple years I have been having terrible luck and keep getting comments from the manufacturers that they don't recommend using the rechargeable batteries any more.

What batteries are you guys having good luck with at a reasonable price? Any deals out there? I am using Browning and Bushnell cameras if it matters.


From: Mark Watkins
Pretty sure that I’ve tried almost all of them. Energizer ultimate lithium is the best by far!

Expensive but they last 4-6 months through a MN winter taking 25-60 pics a day.


From: JL
X2 on the Energizer lithiums. If you stay on top of it, you can get them decently priced for less than $1 each. I just picked up 200 for 85 cents each. Before that I got 100 for 95 cents each.

Something that many folks don't think about with battery usage is how much power your cam uses when it's "resting". Some cams draw less power when resting than other cams. I "think" it was the Moultries that have a low power draw when resting. Don't know about the Brownings.

From: Drop Tine
I find it’s all dependent on the camera. I have 3 models and the best one on batteries is a cheep Stealth Cam. I change batteries once a year if it needs it or not.

My Brownings aren’t bad and change batteries two to three times a year.

It’s hard to tell with my Moultrie Cell camera that I’m trying out. That one is on a food plot and gets upwards of 1500 photos a month that and it’s powering a modem.

I’ve never sat down to figure which is more cost effective between the alkaline and lithium batteries but typically I go with the alkaline as they are frequently on sale and the lithium not so much.

From: sticksender
JL would you mind posting a link to the site with Advanced Lithiums for under $1 each

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