getting hair on bear mount to lie flat
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Brought the full size black bear mounts from storage to a den room in the house. Some of the hair will not lie down in the proper direction. Has anyone had to deal with such and what did you do to get it to lie flat in the direction it should? Thanks in advance for any help.

From: JohnMC

From: Nick Muche
Hair gel of some sort works well

From: Shuteye
Dixie Peach.

From: whipranger
Hair shouldn’t lay down it should be fluffed up

Whip, most of it is. I was always careful to remove sheet covers in the direction of the lie of the hair. A burlap cover must have been pulled against the lie of the hair and a patch about a foot square is standing straight up.

From: butcherboy
You can use a hand spray bottle filled with water and lightly mist the hair around that area or the whole bear until the hair is damp. Take a blow dryer on the cool setting and blow the hair back against the grain. I use a clean shop vac. You don’t really want the hair to lay flat or look plastered down.

From: Teeton
How about tring to wet it with water? In just one spot, just to see if it works.

From: whipranger
Butcher boy is right just mist with water and blow dry. If you use a blow dryer turn off heat or set on low. Don’t Wet so much that You soak the skin. We use dog brushes while drying working hair to get it how you want. If you still can’t get it let your wife do it

Thanks, guys. Water spray and hair dryer seems to be working. Have a great hunting season and stay safe.

From: Dennis Razza
Leaf blower or shop vacuum on reverse is a good grooming tool for bear. Fluff the hair and it should fall into place. Good luck!

From: Chuckster
When I was a kid, mom used to lick her fingers and rub it on my forehead to get my hair to lay down.

From: Saphead

From: drycreek
Brylcream ?

From: LKH
Get it moist with a wet towel for a while then iron it. Or have your wife do it.

From: CFMuley
Leaf blower or a steamer

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