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Did you use for AK 72 hour window? Thanks for any ideas...

From: WapitiBob
I thought they were calling Walgreens and triggering a potential positive so they could get in for a rapid test?

That might be a possibility...I know more and more places are testing it’s just making the 72hr part for results back...

From: Bou'bound
my nephew and his wife were scheduled for a test to travel and got registered for it. they went to get the test and the line was so long they turned around and left. two days later they got not notice they tested positive on the tests they did not take.

From: MF
My daughter has flown home from AK twice this year and had the nasal swab.

From: huntinelk
I did 2 tests, just in case. First one at local Rite Aid pharmacy drive up window. Took the test at 5:15pm Fri , had results by noon Mon. Second test was at the bigger health care/hospital provider in our area. They wouldn't email results, had to set up a portal account with them to get digital results. Took test 9:30am Sat had results by 9:00am Mon. My first flight was 4:55pm Mon, both test covered the 72 hour rule and I had both results before I started traveling.

I took a rapid test and prescheduled it. Had results within hours. My son did the same.

From: Pyrannah
i hear so many... "i know so and so who did not take the test but still got false positives"...

fake news

From: JayZ
I used Picture Genetics. It's an at-home test. They send it to you with a Fed-Ex overnight return shipping label. I took it Thursday AM it went out Thursday PM with Fed-Ex they got it Friday around 11 am had results by 7 PM Friday night. No problems with the paperwork when I got to Alaska.

Thanks guys...

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