Large Poaching Ring Busted
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From: DL

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Finally getting a little more Stringent on poaching. Be interesting to see the final list of offenders.

From: Scrappy
I've been seeing this on several forums and another tv guy named Bomar that i haven't heard of before was also hunting with them. Seems more and more TV dudes are getting busted.

From: greg simon
Good! I hope they get them all. I never have trusted a guy who has a bow with pink accents!

From: Ucsdryder
Listen to kifarucast with bowmar on it. He sued the fish and game for spying on him and looking at his wife peeing in the woods. His words not mine. Lol.

From: yooper89
Yeah this Bowmar fella sounds like he’s trying to control the narrative here. Bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see how it plays out!

From: DL
Yeah nice try. His name ain’t OJ. With so many people on the hook people will start naming names to get a lighter sentence. Try proving they were watching. Besides if you hang your Fanny out in the woods do it at your own risk. Funny story. We were up elk hunting in a dry camp off a dirt road. My wife is so weird about going in the woods. So she wandered around for 45 minutes trying to find a secluded spot. Unbeknownst to her she wandered so much she lost track of the road. She’s there on her spot going when 40 yds away a truck goes by with two hunters. They waved and were last seen laughing.


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From: WapitiBob
Josh Bomar and his wife are next up.

USA v. Bowmar et al

8:20-cr-00178 | Nebraska District Court

October 6, 2020

ORDER granting 22 Motion to Extend Pretrial Motion Deadline as to Josh Bowmar, Sarah Bowmar, and Bowmar Bowhunting, LLC. Pretrial Motion Deadline set for 11/2/2020.

From: Shrewski
Dirtbags all of them.

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