Anyone familiar with HAMS?
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From: eBike John
Hi Guys, Are any of you familiar with the HAMS tool (Hunting Area Management System)? That company reached out to me earlier this week asking me to promote their tool but I've never used it so I couldn't agree to it but if a few of you guys have first hand experience using it I'd love your feedback.

Thanks John

From: Scoot
I know about Hamms beer- cheap, but refreshing.

From: Inshart
Never heard of it either????????

From: TrapperKayak
The Beer Refreshing? Yup, had it before...

From: GBTG
From the Land of Sky Blue Waters

From: drycreek
Most hogs (and some women) have two of them......

Sorry, couldn’t resist !

From: Jaquomo
John, it appears to be a European platform to help landowners with large hunting estates. Don't believe it is offered or used in the US since our hunting system is different, mostly.

From: Duke

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Can’t go wrong with Hamms...

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