'Arctic Sheild' sizing?
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From: DanaC
Has anyone else had a problem with the sizing of 'Arctic Sheild' overboots?

I bought the XL, rated for size 12-13, and I can not fit my size 11 1000-gram boots in them. Can barely get my 10.5 un-insulated hikers in them. Maybe I got a mis-labeled pair? Or are others experiencing the same thing. PS, how does the 'Boot Blanket' run for sizes? Thanks

Yes. I did thh by e sake th in my. It took a Herculean effort to get them on. And, then they’d only go over non insulated type hiking boots. So I bought a pair of the xxl and they are still very tight over bulkier boots but, I only wear them with insulated boots anyway.

You’d better size up definitely.

From: Rupe
I agree I bought the XXL and still a right fit on my size 11 Danners

I’ve used the Arctic shields but prefer Ice Breaker over boots, they seem to keep my feet warmer. Check out eBay they usually have some there.

From: Scrappy
Yup they run real small.

Agreed, get a size larger than the sizing chart says you'll need.

From: Candor
I have the XLs, I wear a 12/13. I put them over my 600 gram boots with no problem. Those heavily insulated boots (like the 1000 gram+) are monstrous. They make your feet look like Sasquatch. So I suspect the Arctic Shields are sized to go over boots that are more close to the real foot size. Ie if they say they are for 10/11s they probably won't work over a heavily insulated 11. Logical but not necessarily fortunate sometimes.

From: LBshooter
Yep it's tough to get them in. But it's worth it lol.

From: Brotsky
I have size XL and they fit perfectly over my size 11.5 boots of various types. All uninsulated type hiking or mountain boots.

From: Scrappy
Candor do you have a pair that is several years old? I have a very old pair that is huge but the newer ones I have are tiny.

From: Candor
yessir...they are probably 4 years old.

From: t-roy
Agree with others, above. They do run small, IMO.

The easiest way for me to put them on, is to take one hunting boot off and slip the AS over it, then put that boot back on and repeat on the other. A bit of a pain, but lots easier for me, that way. (I’m not very flexible)

From: Wild Bill
I have a size medium pair that fit my size 9.5 and 10 Columbia Titanium Bugaboo boots. You have to get the toe up in the covers completely before getting the heel in. I usually put them on while standing on one foot, up in my treestand, butt to the tree. Sometimes I'm not so flexible( I hear ya t-roy) and have to grasp my pant leg in the calf area to get the foot up where I can manage the cover on the boot.

Mine are several years old and I purposely didn't want them too big. I spent too many seasons shuffling inside huge Boot Blankets, which I also had to modify with a cord, from the heel loop then wrapped around the ankle. By comparison, the ArcticShields are hands down better.

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