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Gogetem 16-Jan-21
Kurt 16-Jan-21
JusPassin 17-Jan-21
Kurt 17-Jan-21
From: Gogetem
I have read the obvious statements in the media About Canadian borders, but anyone have opinions or heard what NWT outfitters will do to get hunters in starting this summer for hunts? Or anyone know outfitters there That have talked to that feel like getting in By this july-august will be possible? Highly possible? Slim chance? I know they are trying to make arrangements for hunters, Working with government, doing everything possible, but any More insight to real possibility? Thanks

From: Kurt
There is a Canadian focus on getting Covid shots for the residents of the territories due to lack of medical facilities up there. I'd think that the shots will be complete in a few months but have no idea if they will reopen the borders at that time. I've got a NWT Mt caribou hunt that is paid for that hopefully happens this fall as well as a late August Nunavut CCBG caribou hunt. I haven't bugged the outfitters as they will let me know when they know something. Good luck and hope our hunts happen!

From: JusPassin
Territories vs. Provinces, both still Canada, do they have different border rules?

From: Kurt
NWT and Nunavut both closed their territory borders to non-essential travel by outsiders last spring. They did allow travel between themselves.

And each province has their own C-19 rules too. All separate from the Canada/US border closures to non-essential travel.

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