Nor CO animal vet?
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Ucsdryder 16-Jan-21
Jaquomo 17-Jan-21
Grey Ghost 17-Jan-21
From: Ucsdryder
Anybody have a recommendation for a vet in northern colorado? The 10.5 year old lab has a mass that we believe cancerous that is acting up. Got her on the mend after 3 trips to the vet, but now it’s raw and she won’t stop messing with it. Local city vet wanted 1500 to remove it. Anybody have a go to vet that might be a little more affordable?

From: Jaquomo
I always used Laporte Animal Clinic and Marta Dean is great. But for something like this you might try C.S.U. They may give you a deal in exchange for studying the situation. So sorry to hear about this. Best of luck.

From: Grey Ghost
I agree with Lou on CSU. I had a thoroughbred horse come down with pneumonia. My local vet mis-diagnosed it for 2 weeks, while the horse continued to get sicker. I finally hauled her up to CSU. The young female vet took one look at the horse as I was unloading her and said, "I think that horse has pneumonia.". Unfortunately, the infection had spread too far and they weren't able to save her. Had I taken her straight to CSU when she initially got sick, I have no doubt that horse would still be in my pastures.


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