Fort Collins utility trailer
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wyliecoyote 17-Jan-21
kentuckbowhnter 18-Jan-21
JohnMC 18-Jan-21
DanaC 18-Jan-21
From: wyliecoyote
Is there a Fort Collins area bowsiter with a utility trailer big enough to haul a BW200 and a FatCat (2 trail motorcycles)..?? A free loaner for a week or a reasonable rental amount. My son who lives in FC needs to get the bikes to me Aug 15th for a Idaho antelope hunt..bring trailer back about 1 week later...He has a mid-size 4x4 pickup but with a 9 yr. old and a wife along, the bed is full of camping gear !! Thanks a Lot for considering this strange request... Joe

Rent a uhaul

From: JohnMC
I don't have one. Have him buy a used one before the hunt. When he gets back turn around and sale. Won't cost him anything and if he can find a good deal he might even make a few bucks.

From: DanaC

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