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From: milnrick
Some of you may remember that Millie (Lady Bowhunter) took an incredible black bear at TSI in June 2018 that ended up scoring 21 9/16 and was recognized as New Brunswick's 'new' record.

She has been contacted by Pope and Young and learned it currently is the #4 position for the last scoring period and that they'd like to have the skull for 'panel scoring'. Can anyone tell us how the Panel Scoring process works and if it's something worth pursuing? I ask because while we're a pretty 'low key' couple and I'm wondering if attending would be as much fun as Bowsite has made it seem.

Thanks for your thoughts.


From: Drnaln
Congratulations to Lady Bowhunter

From: Chief 419
Go to the convention. You won’t regret it. There’s another thread on here called “Kicking Yourself”. Don’t do that.

From: Bou'bound
Nothing will validate that skull anymore than the day it was sitting on Dave’s freezer on the deck at camp. Everything beyond that is just man made administrative drama. If that stuff matters to you guys go and enjoy.

How is Millie's life changed if someone says "yep" that really is bear # 4 in recording period 45" or "nope, we thought it was #4 , but i's really #5 in recording period "45". She's already totally validated the experience and result when you guys put it in the truck and brought it back to camp.

if it was a pending world record maybe a different story. Honestly what is involved in panel scoring a skull. It's two caliper measurements right?

Definitely send it......

From: molsonarcher
Send it. I was fortunate enough to have a deer invited to a convention. I shipped my mount through Cabelas. Pretty easy process. The convention is definitely something to see, even if you dont have a trophy there. Ive been to 2, and they have both been great. If i wasnt expecting a litter of pups a few weeks before this years convention i would definitely be going to my third.

Today’s growth in the Bow hunting world is with Female bow hunters. When I first started bow hunting in 1981 there were only a hand full of female bow hunters.

When your bear skull is honored at the Convention Awards Dinner the entire story of your hunt (including pictures) is told to the over 1,000 attendees many of whom are woman and young female hunters. Your success is an affirmation to them of what they could aspire to as well. I know when I attend a Convention I really enjoyed seeing the panel entries and hearing the stories.

If you want your story told it will be welcomed by all and no telling how many will want to emulate your success. At the last convention there were about 10 woman bow hunters invited to panel. It’s up to you of course but I see nothing but upside if you decide to go. Enjoy the ride.

From: SBH
I've never been to one myself so I can't help with that part but I was thinking how important it is for everyone else to be able to have the opportunity to see those kinds of animals. If no one went or was willing to share their animals others wouldn't get to enjoy it. I think there would be a lot of joy in seeing others view it and appreciate the animal for what it was. Theres a level of respect there. In some sense, its not about Millie, its about the animal she took and her fellow hunters getting to be part of it. Go if you can is my thoughts. Share it.

Congrats on the great bear, I remember that post.

From: Brotsky
If you think your wife would like to be recognized in front of 1,000 of the world's finest and most accomplished bowhunters and to feel that pride in her incredible accomplishment then definitely send it in. If she's okay with just sharing it on Dave's freezer that's okay too. Personally the experience and recognition she and you would enjoy at the convention is worth it 100x over. The club does a great job with this process. If you have any questions at all just reach out to BOHNTR, he'll take good care of you.

From: Griz
Go. It will be a fun time.

From: sticksender
Of all the different type of trophies you might consider to ship, a bear skull is by far the easiest and cheapest to package up and mail. Since convention attendance is not required to submit trophies for awards, you can send the skull in, and then decide later if you are able to attend the convention. But I'd highly recommend attending and I feel like you'd both enjoy it tremendously ;-)

From: TK
My black bear skull took first place in the 2011-2012 recording period. The panel actually scored it 1/16” bigger than I thought it would score. They use a box not calipers. I displayed the life size mount at the convention. I really enjoyed seeing all the taxidermy & met some great folks.

From: Ken Taylor
I'd definitely go if I were you... you won't regret going, but you may if you don't.

I've been to two conventions - 1) the only one ever held in Canada by the Alberta Bowhunters... and 2) St. Louis.

I would have liked to have been to more, but where I live and the expenses involved make it difficult for me.

Be careful if you go, I went to one a few years ago and won't miss another!!

Seriously though, a bear skull is super easy to get shipped for scoring. At a minimum you should do that, it helps the club verify records and I'd like to see it when I'm there!

I've been fortunate to have a couple animals invited to panel and will make sure they get to Reno for the panel. I love they guys that ship life size sheep, brown bears, etc. It really helps make the show!

From: milnrick
I'm pretty sure we'll be going now. Millie's spent a lot of time promoting our sport to women and girls through the NWTF's WITO and the TPW Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) program. Reading this posts from Charlie and Brotsky helped with the decision.

Thanks guys

Good deal, Rick! I’ll only add to what Charlie and Justin stated and what I tell others who are unsure about sending it in.......a tremendous bear like that should have the opportunity to be seen by many.....in person. Having been taken by a female bowhunter.....even more so!

From: Glunker
I think you would not regret going. Being able to be a big part of an experience as cool and well done as a P & Y convention is hard to top. Go for it!

Congrats to Millie on that outstanding bear. I think it would be a awesome experience going to the convention.


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