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From: wyliecoyote
It seems that the current issue of Eastmans Bowhunting journal has some serious mistakes re: arizona archery elk. The unit I applied in has an Arizona hunt code 6 digits different than EBJ...and EBJ also shows all the unit seasons dates for archery early hunts incorrectly (has last year dates)....I just spoke with EBJ and after some inspections, agreed with me..I am shocked that they hadn't been made aware of this?? The hunt code discrepency is really hard to figure as the current Arizona regs hunt code is the same as last year !!


From: smarba
The current codes are not the same as last year, at least for the few archery hunts/units I looked at...

From: Shrewski
That’s a SHOCKER... :-)

Their information is just about worthless even when they can get the copy and paste correct; which is rare.

From: WapitiBob
Years ago they kicked TopGun off their site for pointing out how bad their magazine was so I showed him how to get it anyway. That mag has been a cut n past chit show for years. Too bad, I think Reekers and Ike are good guys.

I agree. Every issue of thier magazine has a handful of bad typo's and I smile at how off they are on many unit descriptions in my home state. I once emailed and offered to proof read thier magazines for typos for free and was declined...

I really enjoy reading fellow hunters stories tho so I just try to overlook that kind of stuff and research my hunts with other sites and fellow hunters.

From: DonVathome
I cancelled my subscription because when I checked stuff there were a LOT of issues. So much so if there info was free it is not worth it. Bad info is worse then nothing if you assume it is correct. I doubt I will ever subscribe again. HF is more expensive but they have 20 times less mistakes. Online subscription is reasonable. I went back to HF after a few years and I am happy I did.

Top Rut I believe is correct. Just use promo code “elktalk” for the discount. Or sign up thru OnX to get a free subscription with your elite membership

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