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From: RD
Anyone here wear Huntworth clothing? I haven't seen anything it about except for their adds. Today I was at TSC and found a jacket that reminded me of my sitka raincoat, it seemed a little noisey. Any thoughts?

From: Grunter
No idea on the raincoat. I use Cabelas space rain suit. But I do have there clothing and it is pretty decent for the price. Either elk or whitetail and they work great. I have the digital camo (can't remember name). The pants are very comfy with the durable knee texture. I recommend. I have the lined and unlined pants, 3 shirts, soft shell jacket. Let me know if you have questions about it.

From: Chief
I have their uninsulated jacket. Awesome bowhunting jacket. Totally wind proof, able to layer underneath comfortably, comes down below the waist - which is paramount when sitting, large roomy pockets, nice open chest pocket, great fitting hood, camo is great for treestand hunting. Much prefer over the Stratus - hands down.

From: Hunt98
I have a reversible camo/orange hat that covers the my ears and forehead well. It’s pretty wind proof also. I liked it so much that I bought extra hats ($8/each) in case they quit making them.

From: bowbender77
Good quality and design at a good price point. Worth a look.

From: krieger
I got a pair of their gloves 2 years ago. Outlasted my KUIU gloves by a long shot...I'm sort of a fan now, will look at getting more from them.

From: RD
Thanks for your replies, I just received the 2 jackets I ordered and everything looks good . I'll have to get outside in the cold to really check them out, they don't seem to noisey inside.

They look good but probably made in the same factory as Sitka, BL’s and Kuiu and other Chinese brands........

From: xtroutx
looking forward to your coments. Price looks good.

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