Really stinky boots!!
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From: Chris S

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Cracking that occurred from ozone was when brand new.
Chris S's embedded Photo
Cracking that occurred from ozone was when brand new.
I sunk knee deep in some slop muck algae type crap along the shoreline of a lake. Needless to say my boots are rancid. They smell like stagnant water with the rotting algae you smell when it’s cooking in the sun. Ughhhh So I rinsed them out and left them outside. They are still fierce. Any tips or tricks to fumigate them. I have a ozone machine but when they were brand new I had them in a tote with my gear that I ozoned and the front of them cracked like crazy along the tip reinforcement. Disappointed to say the least about that. So now I have basically new boots this year that are cracked and stink!!

What are your trucks for cleaning and deodorizing boots?

From: Grey Ghost
I'd buy new boots, and try to avoid lake muck.


From: Brotsky
I just wear them. Eventually everything wears off.

From: midwest
Cover scent!

From: 70lbdraw
"What are your trucks for cleaning and deodorizing boots?"

I'd buy new boots before I buy a new truck. I like the idea tho!

From: Bake
Baking soda. Douse them with baking soda, put in a tote, and put an open box of baking soda in the tote with them.

From: Supernaut
Bake X2.

From: JL
Sell'em on BS classifieds as scented boots. ;-)

From: great white
Vinegar bath the acid breaks down odors

From: yooper89
Benefect is a fully botanical antimicrobial that does wonders for stinky boots. I use it all the time.

From: sitO
Have you considered Nose Jammer?

Throw them in the trash and buy some better boots

From: GhostBird
Douse them in Skunk scent.

From: Hancock West
soak in baking soda & water for a couple hours. rinse, & repeat.

From: DanaC
Baking soda solution in water. Dry in the shade. (No UV. No ozone on 'plastic' either.) "Throw them in the trash and buy some better boots" Sadly, Rocky boots are not the quality they started out as. Now they're just another generic made-overseas-as-cheap-as-possible 'brand' name. Like so many others I wouldn't bother pissing in.

From: Bou'bound
Rocky boots are not worth investing the $1.49 on for a box of baking soda. They are just crap. Pure unadulterated junk. Your feet deserve better.

Don’t sweat it they only last a year anyway so you were due

From: adogg437
I use scent killer powder in my boots and that help, but with the cracking it might be a lost cause. Might wear them to see if they leak if not I agree with the baking soda.

From: Wapitidung
I had a stinky pair of boots I threw out in the backyard for the dogs to chew on. They never touched them. Those be stinky boots.

Yeah. I got some nasty funk in a pair of boots on a wilderness canoe trip. Washing them, washing them with baking soda, packing them with baking soda, nuking them with bleach... nothing killed that funk. I gave up. They were not salvageable.

From: KB
If Ozone does that to your boots I wonder what it does to your lungs, lol?!

From: DanaC
KB, you may be joking but the EPA is not

From: air leak

"Throw them in the trash and buy some better boots"

Best answer on this entire thread.


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