Feb. & Primal Dream time
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From: jjs
Just got done with my annual Feb. Primal Dream DVD with my 92 yr old hunting bud. One of the best outdoor movie made, Wensel and Mitten did an excellent production that is timeless.

Just a good time when it is below zero to take your mind off the politics and weather, first time my old friend has seen it and really enjoyed it. Like he said "can't get back the time out in the field but still has the memories." and Primal Dreams gave it too him.

Primal Dreams is one of my favorites, produced by good humble men. Far better than what is currently produced for outdoor t.v./video. Love the Wensels and Mittens!

Always a off season watch for me. Excellent production.

From: Tonybear61
Better than October Whitetails I & II and High Noon Bucks which were awesome on their own. Some of the best wildlife footage out there.

Everything about it is fantastic. I can still hear the music from each season in my mind and I haven’t watched it in 2-3 years.

From: arlone
If this cold spell(February) lasts long enough one can always watch more Wensel/Mitten. I enjoy "Essential Encounters" by them and also Mike's DVD "Chasing Solitude" about chasing moose.

Love Mike's dvds, class act as well as awesome footage...love the Wensles as well.

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