Covid-19 Bowhunting 2021 and Beyond ?
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Buffalo1 10-Feb-21
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From: Buffalo1
I recently read an interesting article in the January 2021 issue of “Safari Times” newsletter regarding the current shortage of guns and ammo. According to the article, in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic- guns, ammo and reloading supplies skyrocketed. Allegedly, Federal Ammunition, the biggest supplier of Ammo has a one year backlog of $1 Billion of ammo. The article pointed out that shortages occurred from 1941-47 due to WWII and also in 1996 and 2012.

In 2020, 6.2 million persons became first time gun owners. The new gun owners also bought ammo and reloading supplies such as primers, brass, powder and bullets. Ammo and gun manufacturers did not change their production runs to accommodate the increased demands. Their failure to increase production has resulted in shortages. Short supplies and heavy demand have now caused ammo and reloading supplies to rise record prices.

With this current shortage situation of guns and ammo, I was wondering what impact will this have on archery and bowhunting? Since the pandemic people have shown a renewed interest in the outdoors and with the shortage in guns and ammo, will more people in the U.S. become more interested in archery and bowhunting in 2021 and beyond? What are your thoughts?

From: LINK
A bow doesn’t do much to protect you against antifa unless you shoot like Legolas. A lot of people that bought guns were buying them as a last resort after police were vilified. Those people have ten rounds in their closet and thats all they need. The hunger games did more for archery than ammo shortages will.

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