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So I’m commuting to and from Southern Colorado every week for work and lose phone reception, internet service and good ole fashion classic rock radio for about half the drive.

A few weeks back I came across “The Western Bowhunter” and listened to episode 46 which I thought was pretty good with the best part being where they talked about some charity work. Hands down best part of the podcast. The other stuff was just ok and not really holding my attention.

Another trip up I chose a random podcast with a guy named Ray or John Scott. Can’t remember but he’s a guide and has hunted Coues deer a bunch from what I’ve read. So I figured I’d give it a listen. Well I tapped on the wrong podcast and they were talking about the AZ trail cam bullshit. He and Chris Roe. It was an ok listen I guess but didn’t hold my interest too much.

Last week I clicked on a Kifarucast podcast. Snyder is always fairly entertaining if he has something that interests me. But understand these are just random podcasts I’m clicking on before I lose internet service. Not sure why, but I can listen to the whole thing where YouTube podcasts come in and out and frustrate me more than anything. Interestingly though Chris Roe was on again and it was like a 2 hour podcast that kept my interest the whole time. I remember thinking to myself, this isn’t the Chris Roe I remember from years back on the forums. He actually has an attitude. And I was digging it!

FF to this morning. Before I lost service, I did a search for hunting podcast and scrolled thru about 5 page’s of suggestions and saw Chris Roes name. So I clicked, and Holy $&@&$/@&)$. I heard single handedly, thee most riveting and attention grabbing and compelling hunting podcast I have ever heard!

Why you ask? Well first off you need to listen to it for yourself if you haven’t already heard episode #14 I think it is. Over 3 hours long and it is definitely an awakening podcast on some things and has me looking forward to future podcasts. It was so f-ing gripping, I went ahead and purchased his hunting resources. Not because he was trying to sell anything either. But because I want to support like minded people and businesses. The minute he told everyone who he was, I decided “I got your back homey”. What he does for work is not who he is. When he said he loves the constitution and that he is an American? That’s all I needed to hear. Chris if you are watching, can’t wait to hear more podcasts and I hope you expose a lot of truth in coming podcasts!

From: midwest
Chris used to chime in on here all the time, as did Snyder. Never listened to any of his podcasts other than when he was a guest on Kifarucast.

From: StickFlicker
Thanks for the heads-up.

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