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From: JL
I got this in the inbox a bit ago. I did a Google and couldn't find much as my internet connection was acting up when I do a search. Does anyone know what is going on with this proposed bill? Gracias.....

"" Dear Sportsman,

Wyoming Senator Larry Hicks has filed Senate File 103, a 90/10 license allocation and fee increase bill that would be devastating to your ability to draw a Wyoming big game hunting license in the future. We need your help to contact members of the Senate Travel, Recreation and Wildlife Committee as soon as possible to share your opposition to the bill and how it would impact your ability to hunt in Wyoming. The bill will be heard by the committee at 8 a.m. on Thursday, March 4, 2021. Please keep your messages focused and specific to how this appalling bill will hurt your future plans to hunt in Wyoming. Please let the senators know that you have made a financial investment in preference points and license fees and remind the Senators of the positive economic impact nonresident hunters, like yourself, brings to Wyoming. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to these Wyoming Legislators it is critical they hear from you and how a 50 percent reduction in licenses would affect your ability to hunt and Wyoming’s economy. The Senators are listed below: Chairwoman Affie Ellis (Cheyenne) Affie.Ellis@wyoleg.gov Senator Mike Gierau (Jackson) Mike.Gierau@wyoleg.gov Senator Tim Salazar (Dubois) Tim.Salazar@wyoleg.gov Senator Bill Landen (Casper) Bill.Landen@wyoleg.gov Senator Wendy Schuler (Evantson) Wendy.Schuler@wyoleg.gov


Sy Gilliland, President Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association PO Box 2650 Casper, WY 82602 wyoga@wyoga.org wyoga.org 307.265.2376 ""

From: JL
I just noticed another thread about this but I can't delete/edit this one. Sorry about that....

Gentlemen, If you will look into the Wyoming state government page and get into their legislature, you can find a copy of this senate file. I think its address is the following: https://wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2021/SF0103. The first paragraph of the SF reads as follows: "AN ACT relating to game and fish; modifying provisions governing resident and nonresident hunters; modifying resident and nonresident license reservations; increasing resident and nonresident fees as specified; repealing nonresident license reservation requirements for elk, deer and antelope; making a conforming amendment; and providing for an effective date."

Then another paragraph as follows:

"(e) The commission shall reserve not less than ninety percent (90%) of the limited quota big game animal, wild bison and grizzly bear licenses to be issued in any one (1) year for resident hunters in the initial license drawings. In any hunt area with less than ten (10) licenses available, the commission shall not issue any licenses to nonresident hunters under this subsection. The commission shall determine the allocation of resident and nonresident mountain lion harvest." The edit feature of the document on their webpage did not copy over to this blog, but it looks like the original SF103 proposal was to give nonresidents 80% of moose and 75% of goats. But that is lined out in the version I saw tonight.

The highest price increase appears to be for nonresident deer, over 40%.

My take on this SF is this legislator wants to cut the nonresident hunters by half, but raise the license fees of the remaining half to help make up the shortfall. His net effect really decreases revenue to the state through the licenses, and will cut in half the amount of money nonresidents spend within the Wyoming communities....because there will only be half as many hunters coming from outside. Only Mr. Hicks can tell us why he wants to keep loyal nonresidents, like myself (from Idaho) out of Wyoming. I am a little insulted.

Bill Skinner Idaho Falls

From: WapitiBob
net effect is an 8 million revenue increase

From: Mule Power
I’m sure there was a time when people hunted elk without licenses. Maybe that’s where we’re heading!

From: DonVathome
I got that email and emailed all

Chairwoman Affie Ellis (Cheyenne) Affie.Ellis@wyoleg.gov Senator Mike Gierau (Jackson) Mike.Gierau@wyoleg.gov Senator Tim Salazar (Dubois) Tim.Salazar@wyoleg.gov Senator Bill Landen (Casper) Bill.Landen@wyoleg.gov Senator Wendy Schuler (Evantson) Wendy.Schuler@wyoleg.gov

From: Brotsky
I emailed them all as well Don, hopefully we’ll catch a W on this one.

Did my part as well.

From: Rob in VT
I emailed them as well.

From: sticksender
If you look at what the proposal would do to the NR allocation for Moose and Sheep, as written, it looks pretty dire.

The 10% NR ceiling, combined with the proposed rule that NR are not eligible for any hunt with less than 10 licenses, would slash the NR allocation for Rocky ram licenses from 45 to 12. And these dozen would all go to top point holders, since all random sheep licenses would be eliminated. The NR allocation for Bull Moose would drop from 61 to 20, and all except one license would go to top point holders. One random bull license would remain statewide (Unit 25), assuming the current quota levels continue.

You have to wonder how many of the 11,000 non-residents who apply for sheep would keep applying and buying points. Maybe a few hundred guys, the ones with 20+ points, might hang on and hope to draw. For the rest, it would make no sense to continue. Same story for Moose.....roughly 10,700 NR's are holding points, with more than 500 holding 20 or more. The other 10000, considering the new futility of applying, could logically drop out.

Worse news for the top tier point holders.....in order to prevent a mass-exodus by NR's, there'd probably be an adjustment made in the split for random licenses (i.e., an increase) meaning an even further reduction in licenses available for the top point holders, who've been holding on and buying points for 20-25 years.

From: cnelk
WapitiBob said “ net effect is an 8 million revenue increase”

Those are today’s dollars. That will less next year and less the year after, and after and after and after....

From: wytex
Did you ask Sy to support rescinding the NR wilderness law ? He's a big supporter of that law. Sy is not for DIY hunters so be mindful of that.

From: Jims

I've heard this round is destined for failure but I would still recommend sending letters to the senators listed above! I'm sure if this fails this year it will appear again next year. If you are a nonres hunter that enjoys hunting big game in Wyo we need to jump on this a lot earlier next year! The more of us that contact senators, etc the better chance we can defeat this!

I sent a letter to all of the senators listed above and hope you do as well!

From: Old School
I sent an email yesterday to everyone on the list.

From: DonVathome
In the last 6-8 years I have received 2 questioners from WY both were for NR and were very clearly designed to see how they can make the most money for the least tags and keep us hanging in there for years.................

Currently WY makes over a million dollars from NR sheep points without issuing a single tag.......

From: wytex
Bill failed in committee.

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