permanent ban from hunting in 48 states
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From: Huntcell

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Permanently is a really long time. But not for a habitual Colorado poacher accused of killing 12 deer, 2 turkeys and a bighorn sheep ram across three Colorado counties.

Should include an implanted GPS chip as old habits will be hard to change ban or no ban.

From: GF
Why do I think the guys here are going to come up with a whole bunch of inventive ways to implant that chip?

From: Brotsky
A lifetime of poaching ahead for him.

We need much, much larger fines and punishment for poaching and trespassing. Taking away a license is good, but this guy hunts without a license as a matter of routine, the effect will be zero..

From: LBshooter
Nicely done, however now he has nothing to loose. As mentioned, lifetime of poaching or travel to the last two states that allow him to hunt. However, I think his sentence will certainly prevent others from following his path.

From: olebuck
i got a good way to fix it. Throw his butt in jail for 15 years or so.

From: Dale06
Next thing you know, they’ll ban felons from owning guns.

From: TrapperKayak
I think 'they' should issue concealed carry permits to human traffickers too. Same impact as banning a poacher from legal hunting....

From: Sivart
I'm glad they take poachers hunting rights away, but it's really won't stop them from poaching, since they probably don't buy a license anyway. They need jail time.

From: LINK
6 months hard time then an ankle bracelet for 3 years.

From: Brotsky
Hunting bans and putting them in jail are non-starters. They are already poachers, a hunting ban won't stop that. Our jails are already overcrowded, no need to foot the bill for poachers there. I'd like to see them sentenced to huge amounts of public service hours payable to the state's game department. I'm sure they could put together work crews cleaning up litter, improving public lands, boat landings, etc. Get some positive use out of these guys.

From: spike78
He can still hunt in my lovely state of MA. We are full of second, third, ten chances and also have plenty of sanctuary cities! It’s like a criminals paradise.

From: LKH
I'm 73 and nothing keeps me more honest than the "loss of hunting" threat.

No idea how many tags I'll get to fill before I'm gone but it probably isn't many.

From: Inshart
Imagine that ---- banned from all states except MA and ...... get this ...... his home state of HI. Go figure.

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