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WVarcher 04-Mar-21
JohnMC 04-Mar-21
Ok...Russ 04-Mar-21
From: WVarcher
Not hunting related at all but thought someone may have some advice. Planning on taking my girls on vacation this summer of the southwest desert and back up through Colorado. We're flying to Vegas and driving back to west virginia. My question is I'm wanting to ship some of my camping and backpacking gear ahead of time. Anyone know of a place around Vegas that could take the shipment and hold til I got there? Thanks wvacher

From: JohnMC
Find a UPS store there, they should be filling to do it for a fee.

From: Ok...Russ
FedEx also offers a 'Hold At Location' option where you can choose a FedEx Office location or service center close to where you're going and just pick up on the way. Not sure if a SmartPost shipment can be held at a FedEx location but it's a cheaper shipping option. Not sure if your plan was to rent a car for the drive back but if so you'd better confirm they don't have a HUGE charge for a one-way rental.

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