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From: Paul@thefort
take a look at the updated/improved Colorado Bowhunters Assoc, web site. Click on the CBA logo on the right hand side bar of the big game conference.

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link

From: Quinn @work
Looks great! I like the online magazine. Nice quality.

From: TEmbry
Great looking website!

From: Brotsky
Excellent website Paul! Looks fantastic! Very professionally done.

From: Pat Lefemine
Interesting factoid:

When I started Bowsite in 1996 there were only 3 other hunting websites. Two homegrown sites that have long since vanished and the CBA. Someone in that org was way ahead of his time.

The new site looks great.

From: Paul@thefort
Thanks Pat, the CBA has been around for many years since 1969 defending/promoting our bow hunting seasons in Colorado. I had the pleasure of serving on the board for 6 years. We have currently some great IT guys and gals on the BOD as is evident by the new website format and they are also experienced on the Social Media like Facebook and Tweeter where the CBA has a presents. I would invite all Bowsiters to visit those sites and learn about some of the great membership promotions we are offering time to time.

my best, Paul

From: Teeton
Looks fantastic, with no doubts. CBA is and has always done a great job. I've be a member for manys year and would love to make it to the Jamboree. Only real thing keep me from making it is the 1600 or 1700 miles from where I live, Pennsylvania. If I could get my ducks in a roll, I plan on jumping in the Rv and driving out. Ed

Looks great!

You should help P&Y with there old outdated site!

From: Hank_S
Wow, the new site looks fabulous!!! I also like the upgrade to the magazine.

Congrats to the CBA and the individuals that made this happen!

Ya did a dang good job Paul

Smooth flowing for sure

Good luck, Robb

From: Kurt
Great website. Even enjoyed the magazine online in single pane format. Excellent work!

From: Willieboat
Nicely done! CBA just gained a new member from Oregon.

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