40 Target 3D...3/14/21...SW PA
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Bob Hildenbrand 08-Mar-21
Bowboy 08-Mar-21
Shaft2Long 09-Mar-21
Sunday is the first shoot of the year for Herminie #2 Game Assoc. We set 40 targets, mostly Rinehart. This year we have added a caribou, mountain grizzly, and hogzilla.

Shoot starts at 8:00 AM and runs till 1:00.

Fee: Adults $10, Youth12 - 16 $5, and under 12 free. Crossbows regardless of age..$12.

Limited kitchen.

Loc. 219 Cody Rd., Herminie, Pa.

From: Bowboy
Sound like a good shoot wish I lived closer.

From: Shaft2Long
Nice! 40 targets for ten bucks! I did a shoot here in NM that was $30 for 30.

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