AZ Bonus Point Field Tests!!!
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From: BGbasbhat

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Just got an email from hunter ed, if you are waiting to take the field day for your AZ bonus point, then they just setup a bunch of classes at Ben Avery.

Bonus points only, no youth classes, and have to have taken the hunter ed online already.

From: midwest

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Am I looking in the wrong place?

From: Bowboy
I did mine last Feburary thank goodness. I don't understand why they don't do it online.

From: Medicinemann
When P&Y had their annual convention a few years ago in Phoenix, they set up a Hunters Education course for the same weekend. Kudos to whoever set that a lot of NR bowhunters took advantage of that opportunity.

The Hunter Education Program will begin offering opportunities for adults (18 or older) to complete the Bonus Point Field Test. Currently, these opportunities are only available to adults that have completed the online Hunter Education course over the past year and have at least 3 years of hunting experience. If you don’t meet that criteria, we will begin offering field days in the coming months.

What you will need to participate in the Bonus Point Field Test: Your certificate of completion from the Arizona Hunter Education online course You will need to bring your own water, mask, eye protection and pen This course takes place outdoors, please dress appropriately with closed toed shoes

The course will take approximately one hour for you to complete and will adhere to CDC and AZDHS guidelines. Participants are required to wear a face covering during the event and maintain physical distancing.To request a reasonable accommodation during the field day, please email your request to

You will shoot 12 shots from 3 positions using a .22 rifle that is supplied by the Department and disinfected between uses. After successful demonstration of the safe handling and operation of a firearm you will be tested on matching firearms with proper ammunition, shoot/don’t shoot scenarios along with game recovery skills and a written final exam. Upon passing the four segments of the test, you will receive your Hunter Education card by mail in a few weeks. Tests are graded after the event ends and if you do not pass, you will be notified by email within one week. In the case that you do not pass the exam, you will be required to retake the online portion and field test again.

Below listed are the upcoming Offerings at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in North Phoenix. Use the link to view complete registration information and register. Availability is on a first come first served basis. If you register and are unable to attend please be sure to cancel your registration so another individual may take your place.

Friday, April 9, 12:00pm - Friday, April 9, 1:00pm - Friday, April 9, 2:00pm - Friday, April 9, 3:00pm - Friday, April 9, 4:00pm - Saturday, April 10, 8:00am - Saturday, April 10, 9:00am - Saturday, April 10, 10:00am - Saturday, April 10, 11:00am - Saturday, April 10, 12:00pm - Saturday, April 10, 1:00pm - Saturday, April 10, 2:00pm - Saturday, April 10, 3:00pm - Saturday, April 10, 4:00pm - Sunday, April 11, 8:00am - Sunday, April 11, 9:00am - Sunday, April 11, 10:00am - Sunday, April 11, 11:00am - Sunday, April 11, 12:00pm - Sunday, April 11, 1:00pm - Sunday, April 11, 2:00pm - Sunday, April 11, 3:00pm -


From: BGbasbhat
Thanks MQQSE, not sure their main page's link didn't work. That text above is what I was emailed.

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