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Kanati 09-Mar-21
orionsbrother 09-Mar-21
JohnMC 09-Mar-21
Mule Power 09-Mar-21
PECO 09-Mar-21
peterk1234 09-Mar-21
From: Kanati
Does the search work? I cant get it to work. Is it me?


From: JohnMC
Start the search with "Hey Pat" then type what you want to search it will for perfectly then. Kind of like saying Hey Siri on a Iphone

From: Mule Power
Just go to Google and type in Bowsite and then whatever you want to search. Best way. Only way!

From: PECO
The search function needs to be fixed, or go away. Community forum needs to be reinstated, or go away. The popups need to go away. Yeah yeah, I know, you get what you pay for. ;)

From: peterk1234
09-Mar-21 then whatever you are looking for

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