2021 Colorado NR big game app process
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IdyllwildArcher 13-Mar-21
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From: Medicinemann
I am finally sitting down to apply for my 2021 Non-resident hunting license and big game tags. I understand that I need to buy a "qualifying license" before the big game application process can commence. If I understand the process correctly, while there are several "qualifying license" choices....the two that make the most sense for me, are either a small game/fishing license, or a Spring Turkey license. I haven't hunted for turkeys in Colorado for many years, so I might be interested in that option....if the license cost isn't too different from the cost of the small game/fishing license.

However, I haven't able to find the cost of the NR turkey license. I logged into the turkey license part of the website, but it looked like I had to purchase the turkey license before I could even see what the cost of the license was.....(or perhaps I didn't proceed far enough, and I could have found the price, and if more than I wanted to pay, I could have backed out?). I was also wondering if any other NR applicants were considering the small game/fishing option and the turkey option.....and if so, I'd like to know what the difference in price is between the two alternatives. Any input regarding this would be appreciated.

From: sticksender
Annual small game NR 84.96.....for a Turkey license it's 157.77. Here's the Turkey brochure below. They also cover the turkey option and license price in the big game brochure on-line.


From: Scrappy
I'm still having a hard time trying to buy a preference point.

From: YZF-88
How many years can we skip before they erase our points? I’m sitting on 9 for deer but they cut the tag I was after and crushed the herds in the plan B & C units I was interested in. Now that it costs much more to apply, I’m losing interest (skipped a point last year).

Jake, the cost of getting from the east coast to CO is not worth it for turkeys when you could hunt turkeys closer to home with much better hunting; even in neighboring Nebraska. There's no reason to hunt turkeys in CO when you could hunt them in any number of places where you would find vastly superior hunting.

I see what you're trying to do and we're all trying to maximize our NR dollars and hunting opportunities, but the small game license is just one of those places that you have to bite your lip and pay to play; like all my Wyoming fishing licenses I've never used or all my Idaho/Utah/Nevada hunting licenses I've never used.

From: cnelk

“ How many years can we skip before they erase our points? ”

10 years

CO is generous.

WY... not so much.

From: Medicinemann
Ike, I already have plans to hunt Spring gobblers in Kansas. Since Colorado is a neighboring state, there is an economy of scale to be considered.

From: Paul@thefort
Jake, unless you know where to hunt turkeys in Colorado or guide/friend to do so, Colorado turkey hunting can be a real , real challenge. In eastern Colorado most of the better turkey hunting is on private land and some areas offer OtC tags on private land. Other areas are limited draw using preference points to draw. There are more OTC units west of I-25, ie, mountain turkeys. I have better luck OTC farther west but usually wait until early May to hunt because late rain/snow can cause road access an issue.

From: Inshart
Yup, paid for the non-resident small game in order to purchase a point. About $84.00. E-P-999-99-P

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