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Not sure if everyone saw this or not. Thought I would pass it along. Hopefully now that AZ is blue they aren’t looking to screw with the hunting opportunities available to sportsmen and women. See below for email I just received.

AZGFD seeks public input on proposed hunt recommendations

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) will host a webcast Tuesday, March 30, to gather public input on proposed hunt recommendations for deer, javelina, bighorn sheep, bison, small game, migratory birds, and other species.

The webcast, which begins at 6 p.m., can be viewed at

AZGFD is always seeking feedback on how to best meet the demands of the hunting public, while finding ways to develop new opportunities that help pass along our hunting heritage to future generations. Questions and comments about the proposed hunt recommendations, or existing hunt management approaches, may be submitted via email to

“We will respond to all comments via a return email, and all comments will be shared with the (Arizona Game and Fish) Commission,” said Amber Munig, big game management program supervisor.

The existing hunt management approaches and hunt guidelines provide the biological and social parameters used by wildlife biologists to develop hunt recommendations (season structures, season lengths, season dates, permits allocated, etc.). These recommendations result in the annual hunts in which licensed hunters may participate.

While hunting opportunity is important, wildlife is held in the public trust; therefore, using science-based principles to shape the guidelines process remains paramount to ensure healthy, sustainable and diverse wildlife populations in perpetuity.

For those who miss the webcast, it will be recorded and available to be viewed at Additional comments can be emailed to Did you know? The Arizona Game and Fish Department conserves and protects Arizona’s 800+ wildlife species but receives NO Arizona general fund tax dollars. Contribute to our on-the-ground conservation efforts at

From: Heat
They solicit comments before each recommendation cycle. Normal part of business.

From: StickFlicker
Technically, it shouldn't matter if Arizona is red or blue. The legislature usually stays out of hunting regulations. A 5 person Game and Fish Commission (appointed by the governor-currently Republican) makes game laws in AZ, and it cannot have more than 3 members of the same political party. One member rotates out or is occasionally re-appointed each year, and they serve 5-year terms. No more than one member can come from the same County. The rules do a fair job of keeping our game laws too political, as far as red or blue. What it doesn't guard against is how powerful the ranchers are in affecting hunting laws.

^^^ This and well said!

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