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From: Shug
I’m interested in putting in for a bull bison tag.. I just wanted to see if anyone’s here has done it so I could pick their brains a little.

I think I’m cutting it close for this years draw though..

From: huntinelk

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Hard to believe it's been almost 7 years, my info might be a bit dated now.

From: Mule Power
BullElk1 will be chiming in shortly. I’m sure Robb can answer your questions on that subject.

From: Shug

From: llamapacker
There have been several threads on Wyoming bison lately. I hunted cow bison last fall. It is a tough hunt. Success rates are not high. The hunt has changed over the years. 6-7 years ago it was a shoot - it is now a very hard hunt. Felt incredibly lucky to get my wife her bison with 10 days left in the season. Plan to spend quite a bit of time and making multiple trips to the area if you want to be successful. And I am talking rifle hunting - bow hunting has become almost impossible. Bill

From: BullBuster
Definitely harder since 2014.

From: TEmbry
What’s the reason behind the shift to it being such a harder hunt? Weather not moving them from park? More tags? Less land to hunt?

I've been on the NER (National Elk Refuge) like 13 of the last 14 years chasing cow elk or Buffalo, my tags or others tags.

Heavy snow years or light snow years and it just seems that the elk and Buff just don't come onto the NER like they use to in the past.

The year I got a Cow Buff in mid- September on the NER.

I see more and more Buff getting harvested on Shadow Mnt. on Forest Ground and with in the boundary to the east on private in the Buffalo Valley area.

Sorry for the doom-n-gloom but it certainly has changed over the years.

If your looking to go Guided, look into Tag-n-Drag and there are a few others now too.

Good luck, Robb

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