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DrewB 31-Mar-21
midwest 31-Mar-21
Brotsky 31-Mar-21
skookumjt 31-Mar-21
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Knife2sharp 31-Mar-21
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StickFlicker 01-Apr-21
midwest 01-Apr-21
DrewB 04-Apr-21
From: DrewB
Where is (if it exists) the search function for the forums?

From: midwest
ix-nay on the earch-say.

Your only hope is to go to DuckDuckGo and put in your search word/phrase plus Bowsite.

From: Brotsky
You'd have a better chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa than finding anything useful on the search function of this site :)

From: skookumjt
Although it would be nice to be able to search directly from here, it's really not necessary. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the search followed by Bowsite and it does exactly the same thing.

From: KyleSS
We can have pop up adds from the sponsors but we can't have a search button that actually work

From: Knife2sharp
Thanks Midwest, just got DuckDuckGo last week.

From: SlipShot
I have found the best way to search Bowsite is to do a google search for what your are looking for adding "bowsite" in quotes.

From: StickFlicker
First Rule of Bowsite: Don't talk about search function!

From: midwest
"Thanks Midwest, just got DuckDuckGo last week."

Yeah, screw google. I don't want the left leaning version of everything I search for.

From: DrewB
Thanks. I think I hit nerve with some folks on that question....

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