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goelk 05-Apr-21
LKH 05-Apr-21
Turk 05-Apr-21
Paul@thefort 05-Apr-21
Teeton 06-Apr-21
Jethro 06-Apr-21
From: goelk
my question is when it come time to pay and i have two forms of payments if one does not work will they tried the other. Thansks

From: LKH
call them and ask?

From: Turk
It says habitat stamp fee will be charged ( if required).

How do I know if it’s needed?

From: Paul@thefort
I believe you should only have one type of payment on your Colorado registration, ie, a credit card number #. Why would have two types of payment on record? Just looked this up, But then the regs state. : If you draw a license, you can use a credit card number, Visa or MasterCard gift cert number, or now a CPW gift cert as the payment kept on file for your license in your online account.

From: Teeton
Turk, I believe if you buy any type of Co licence you need to buy a habitat stamp. Do if your getting points you need at stamp.

I just got my points and I have to Ccard on file with them. It asked for another card at check out. I gave them the same card. Colorado like money. :)

From: Jethro
Ages 18-64 needs to buy habitat stamp. Or posses a lifetime habitat stamp.

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