What's the deal with the drugs in the cl
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fubar racin 11-Apr-21
Two Feathers 11-Apr-21
JohnMC 11-Apr-21
The last savage 12-Apr-21
Scoot 12-Apr-21
bowbender77 12-Apr-21
bowbender77 14-Apr-21
sticksender 14-Apr-21
TD 17-Apr-21
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t-roy 18-Apr-21
drycreek 18-Apr-21
From: fubar racin
I mean seems odd maybe I missed prior discussion but drugs in a bowhunting classified is wierd

From: Two Feathers

From: JohnMC
I just went and checked it out was hoping for something that would add a few inches to my man part but no luck :(

Let me know if you find any John......

From: Scoot
JohnMC, try attaching a depth checker (for ice fishing) to the end of it. Worked for me!!! :)

From: bowbender77
I saw that. The seller must be one very big dude cause the add said that he draws 80 lbs with a 33 inch draw length. :>)

From: bowbender77
WOW ! More drugs for sale today in the Cl adds. Very strange indeed.

From: sticksender
I never looked at the classifieds in 16 years, but you made me look today. Weird, but I guess, not surprising? Looks like some of the ingredients they used on Breaking Bad.

From: TD
I don't know about the ice fishing depthfinder..... once I hit the cold water I couldn't reach the bottom anymore......

From: Bou'bound
Ha thats funny. Good one!!

From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo

From: drycreek
Yes Troy, it do.........

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