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I just saw this earlier tonight. It’s really weird how they can be weird at times then, end up doing something like this. Cool part starts right around the 9 minute mark.

From: Bou'bound
That is really cool

From: midwest

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That would be fun!

From: elkmtngear

From: SlipShot
That is cool!

From: Scrappy
I've done this many times with gun and bow. It really gets interesting when you have multiple Tom's come in at once. It really is cheating due to the only skills involved is using the lay of the land to sneak into their zone. You get into their zone and show them the decoy then just watch them come running.

From: Jaquomo
That is cool! I've had elk like that before when wearing the cow elk hat. Close enough to hear them breathing.

From: Two Feathers
I've had deer closer but never a turkey that close. Pretty dang cool!

From: spike78

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How bout this Hunter gets attacked by two Tom’s carrying a decoy.

From: kscowboy
That guy had to be wearing HECS. No other way that would happen otherwise:).

From: Tonybear61
Are those Jim Crumley Tree Bark pants on the camera man??

This was some of the best camo out there.

I have birds on a private farm I hunt, never have been able to stalk with a 2 dimensional or 3-D decoy. Basically, they bolt when anything approaches them, even from hundreds of yards away. I quit trying after 8 years.

Funny thing they don't even tolerate blinds on the property anymore either.Dem some tough birds....

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