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EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
I became friends with Rob in the mid 90’s through our local bow hunting buddies and surplus store/bow shop talk. We also ran into each other quite often when we hunted public land just East of Norman, Oklahoma, back in the 90’s. We became friends and have stayed in touch and always get together for a concert venue or an elk hunt in Colorado.

When it comes to putting down game on public land, Robert knows how to get it done and even if it’s a doe, success photos follow. Our communication nowadays is a photo and description of our kill and where we hunted. Then a phone call, but I ’m good with that.

Rob is one of those guys that anywhere he goes, friends are made and a good time is to be had. I love this dude, he’s a stone cold killer and the majority of his kills comes from public land.

This is a pic of the Tom he recently killed in Kansas (WIHA), with his bow and no blind. He has also killed a P&Y worthy mule deer a few years ago here on Oklahoma public land.

I’d bet you all have friends like this, right?

From: Treeline
A few. You are certainly blessed to have a friend like Rob!

I do. Some of them are Bowsiters and some aren't.

From: sticksender
He gets extra credit from me, for that weapons-grade beard.

LoL..., Greg, I was impressed too! He can grow that beard and quick!

Is that an Eastern or Rio Grande? Looks a bit like both to me, so maybe a hybrid?

I’m betting hybrid, wild.

From: t-roy
A man is blessed, indeed, to have a friend or two like that, Rick!

Just from the few contacts that I’ve had with you, I am not surprised that you run with a crowd of gregarious, extroverts with character rich beards, a love of music and hunting, who make friends quickly and their passion and positive outlook manifests itself in their persistent humor.

Or maybe I’m wrong and you really hang out with actuaries and Pokémon players.

From: elkmtngear
Man, that beard is like a Ghillie Suit for his wonder he kills everything in sight!

Sounds like a good Dude, you are blessed, Rick.

I have quite a few friends like that. I’ve met some of them right here.

There are a couple things about me they’ll talk about at my funeral. And one of them is how blessed I was to have so many wonderful people in my life.


From: Supernaut
Congrats to your friend Rob on a great bird....and beard!

TRUE friends are a blessing and hard to find.

From: Brotsky
There’s a lot of guys that consider you one of those friends Rick! Congrats to Rob on a great bird. We are truly blessed to have friends, a man with friends is never in need!

Very nice!

From: Ken Taylor
Very nice to read something like that Rick... and the fact that you state your appreciation for that friendship. I had good friends like that too... but now they're with me only in spirit.

Nice bird! Have heard some gobblers coming off their roosts this spring but sightings seem down this year. I do not hunt turkey but enjoy seeing them.

From: 12yards
Congrats to him! Nice bird!

From: njbuck
Ive made a few right here on bowsite.

From: Ron Niziolek
Thanks for posting Rick. I'm betting we all have friends that fit that description. Congrats to Rob.

From: midwest
Awesome, Rick. Epic beard!

From: smarba
I thought the same as most..."no blind" HAAAA! That beard qualifies as one!!! LOL

From: GhostBird
Congratulations to Rob. How would you like to have the bow string catch on that bush? Ouchhh!!!

From: Beav
Nice bird! Great post!

From: pav
I'm betting Rob says the same about you Rick! Can't beat good friends...

From: Old School
Great post Rick. Have had some great hunting buddies in the past and present. A wise man is one who recognizes the blessing while he still has it...

Many of you guys are correct. Good friends are hard to come by. One of my other best hunting buddies I met because of Bowsite as well.

By the way, Rob is like a chameleon one day he’ll be clean cut, next thing he’s grizzly adams. That beard has its own zip code. ;)

Rick (Orionsbrother), you crack me up man!

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