Elite Kure or Bowtech?
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I need advice to help decide which of the two bows to choose. I’ve shot both and I like they way they both shoot. Do they hold their tune? Any advice?

From: ohiohunter
I’d Shoot some more bows =D

From: Twinetickler
Love my Kure. Super smooth shooting bow. Never thought I would find one I like more than my Synergy, but the Kure has impressed me.

From: brantman
stay away from bowtech,too many problems

From: Scoot
Stay at from Elite- too much poaching. ;) Haha

From: Jaquomo
I've had a Bowtech Realm X for two seasons. I hunt around 60 days a year, all on the ground, and I'm hard on equipment. No issues at all and I love the draw cycle. Have never shot an Elite so I can't speak to that.

From: midwest
"stay away from bowtech,too many problems"

Like what?

From: Cornpone
I have an Elite Synergy...predecessor to the Kure, I think. Very nice bow with great draw cycle. Then I purchased a Bowtech Revolt. Also very nice bow with a great draw cycle. Both bows have a rock solid wall, which I very much prefer. I really like the adjustability of the Bowtech. Due to their simple adjustment for cam lean for bare shafting I have to give the edge to the Bowtech. The Elite...nice as it is...has been relegated to my backup bow. Also love the easily changed draw length and choice of comfort or performance cam. Again...far more adjustability with the Bowtech.

From: trakman
Elite Kure i like it

From: KHNC
Yeah exactly. What problems in last 5 years with Bowtech? The Revolt X is the best bow ive shot in years. And i dont even work for bowtech anymore.

From: 12yards
I'd go with the Elite Remedy actually, but between the Kure and Bowtech I'd go with the Kure. Probably no bad choice though.

Very happy with my Revolt, not happy this year with customer service. GL!

From: jdee
I used to buy a new bow every couple of years then I bought a Bowtech and haven’t bought a new one in 6 or 7 years. I like it that much and never have had any problems with it.

From: WapitiBob
Bowtech doesn't have problems now. Best string I've had on a bow in decades too. Tuning with that allen wrench is the best thing this side of a bugling bull.

From: nmwapiti
Really happy with my Revolt X. Switched over from Hoyt.

I’ve looked a lot at bowtech. Problem is being a lefty

We are a dealer in both lines and have nothing but good things to say about both company's bows. Although I will say elite is much easier to work with for a bow shop.

From: Kydeer1
I don't trust the majority of bow shops to tune/setup my bows. Once I went to bowtech I haven't brought home any other bow and I shoot all the name brand new bows every year. The most tunable bows on the market without question. Elite is a nice bow, but not in the same class. IMO Mathews and Bowtech are in the head of the pack and what all others are compared while Hoyt and PSE are second tier and the others kind of fade in and out of that second tier line depending on the year and model. If a bow is not tunable and shoot well then I have absolutely no interest in it.

From: JohnMC
If you go with elite hope you don’t need to use the warranty. My experience is they won’t honor it.

From: carcus
Both good choices, both easy to tune, ive owned a bunch of bows recently and have come back to bowtech, most recently a realmx, realm sr6, revoltx and now a solution, just sent my ventum 33 back for a refund, and sold my vxr31.5 as i didn't like it after a while.

From: BC
Just bought the Solution SS. Very smooth draw cycle. So far so good.

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