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nchunter 30-May-21
JL 30-May-21
Matt 31-May-21
Royboy 31-May-21
SBH 31-May-21
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Rupe 01-Jun-21
From: nchunter
I had cataract surgery done on my left eye 4 weeks ago. Its my dominant eye. I was a little nervous that I would lose my close up vision sine I opted for distance lens. I waited the 8 days my Dr recommended before shooting my bow. I was absolutely blown away at how crisp my sight pins and the target are now. What a relief! My right eye didn't turn out as super sharp as my left but its still better then it was before even with contacts. Thank you Lord for giving me some more good years to enjoy archery hunting.

From: JL
Glad to hear it worked out.

From: Matt
Congrats on a successful outcome.

From: Royboy
Glad for a good outcome as eyes are pretty important for hunting

From: SBH
Awesome to hear that. Makes a guy remember the things he takes for granted.

From: drycreek
Nothing makes you appreciate good vision like losing it. Ask me now I know. I’m glad yours turned out well.

From: Rupe
Great post and amen!!!

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