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From: JLeMieux
I tried to search for some recent tire threads but didn't find anything

My last two sets of tires on my 1/2 ton Sierra have been the Toyo Open Country M/T's. They have been great and I've gotten around 70,000 miles on each set.

With that being said, I'm going to be doing a lot more driving over the next year or so and it's time for a new set. I would like to stay with Toyo, but may be open to other suggestions. I would like to go with an agreed I've A/T but not a full M/T.

Do any of you have any experience with the Toyo A/T II, A/T III, or R/T?

From: WapitiBob
I have hundreds of thousands of miles on toyos. The MT are a good mud and hunting tire but are way softer than an AT. Mine were gone in 33,000 and the MT didn't have a mileage guarantee (F-350). I'll get 55k plus on the AT's. I use the AT until I head out scouting in August and then switch to the MT, switching back after season. I bought a new f-150 and will do the same with that truck.

From: Drnaln
I do exactly what Bob does on my GMC 2500...Toyo ATs for 9 months a year & MTs during hunting season. I bought an extra set of wheels & Les Schwab does a seasonal switch for free. I also put another set of air sensors in the wheels so tire pressure light doesn't come on.

AT IIs are awesome..... there was one time on a rutty, rocky mountain trail in WY I didn't quite clear a big rock sticking out of the corner of the trail with the rear tire. It literally pushed the bed of the truck over about 6" as I scraped the tire around it. How many tires would have tore the sidewall out? That made me a believer and that's the only tire I run with.

From: Willieboat
Like Bob I have a shitload of miles on Toyo tires and I’m a huge fan of the M-55. Ran one set of the mud terrains and didn’t get 30k out of them. I routinely get 70 k out of a set of M-55s and the best part is I haven’t had a flat I who knows how many years !

From: Bowboy
I had Toyo MT and I only got about the same mileage as Wapiti Bob. I have coopers now.

From: casper
cooper AT3 great tire on my ram 1500 . made for rough rocky roads never a flat.

From: Sawpilot75
Nitto terra grapplers here. 60-70k on each set on 1/2 ton Ford.

I've been a Toyo type guy for years and years on multiple vehicles.

What's that saying?

If it aint broke don't fix it........haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Bowbender
No experience with Toyo's. I run Cooper Discoverer AT3's on my Tacoma and 2004 Wrangler. Been averaging around 70K miles on a set. Decent off-road capabilities, decent highway manners. My go to tire.

From: bigswivle
70,000 on my AT toyos. F250. Great tires. I rotate them every time I change my oil.

From: Pop-r
I run Hankook dynapro at's personally and love them but I have a buddy that runs the toyo a/t's on 4 trucks and he has good luck with them.

From: JW

JW's embedded Photo
JW's embedded Photo
I’m running AT3’s on my truck. Quiet ride, wear really well and don’t beat the hell out of ya. All around great tires.

I run Toyo ATs on a 2500 Ram and have had excellent milage and low road noise. Rotate every oil change.

From: JLeMieux
For those of you running the AT's, are they the II or III?

From: iceman
I had the Toyo AT II's. They were great. I think I got about 65k miles out of them. Now, I have Nitto Ridge Grapplers, and I think I like them better. Don't seem to be as rough

From: APauls
All the tires you guys mention - how are they on ice and snow?

From: Tilzbow
I think the AT II’s have been phased out and Toyo is only making the III’s now. You might be able to pick up II’s at tire shops but one thing to consider is the III’s have a better snow rating than the II’s.

I’ve been running II’s for the last 15 years but have never gotten more than 40,000 out of any tire. My next set this fall will be III’s.

From: JLeMieux
That may be correct because I don't think the II's are available in my size.

Just replaced the tires on my truck. A guy who used to work with us is now in the freight/intermodal industry. He has several large tire companies as customers. Supposedly, tires may be experiencing a supply chain problem soon.

Not a credentialed source, but one that I believe enough to move up my purchase date by a couple of months.

From: Inshart
Was in Tires Plus yesterday looking for tires. He was saying there are a lot of tires they just plain can't get and others (especially the popular truck tires) are taking a long time to get.

From: Z Barebow
APauls- I currently run the Toyo Open Country AT II's. I am nearing 65K. They are now summer tires (IE I will need to replace them before winter) I had no issues in the 1st 50K in snow. The tread design goes up the side wall some. This helps as you drop into snow. (The original tires were Pirrelli and I had no place to go but up. Those things would get stuck on a popsicle)

From: GF
Not Truck tiresI’m on my second set of Toyos on my little Somewhat Useful Vehicle... they call them the Celsius. Their deal is extra grip in snow, and with the AWD, they are just about amazing. I took my son to a parking lot (at the top of a STEEP, un-plowed hill and let him toss it around as hard as he wanted with the traction control turned off, and he just couldn’t get it to break out of control.

First set had a damaging incident front & rear at 54k and the guy at the tire store couldn’t believe how much tread was left. It’s a lightweight, not-at-all Powerful (170hp?) vehicle and I drive it like I plan to keep it, but I’m expecting well over 70k from them.

Dislikes: Great in Snow, but kinda sketchy on wet pavement. WAY louder than the OEMs and they cost me a couple MPG. Probably all the snow tire a reasonable person could ask for in an on-road application, and if I were willing/able to store a set of snows, I’d just get a set of summer tires and keep the C’s for winter.

From: Old School
BFG KO2’s for me - first set went almost 80,000 miles.

From: shakey
Dura tracs, Kevlar side walls

From: redheadlover
I've got A/T IIIs on my ride. Only 11,000 miles on them. So far I would get another set based on my experience.

I'm in the market for new tires and appreciate the information guys. You high mileage tire guys I envy. My mileage is about half of what you guys get living in PA. And that's with alignments and 5K rotations. Been looking at the Cooper AT3's.

ford f350 with RT's and MT's . i got roughtly 30k out of MT's , im about 40k on RT's. ill need to replace the RT's this year and ill stick with RT's . even pulling a camper in deep sand (yes i sunk immediately) all i did was air down to 12 psi and with load attached it pulled right out no problem. super happy with RT's . also note I'm very aggressive with my truck. drive fast on terrible roads even have fully jumped the truck 3 times to my recollection so yes they've been put through more than most would ever ask of their tires.

For you guys wondering about AT2s you can still get them. I just picked up another set.

From: mountainman
I have AT II/IIIs on my truck. I have used Toyo's for years Great tires. I usually get about 70k out of them.

From: SaddleReaper
Sounds like the Toyo ATIII is your best bet. If you're considering an RT take a look at Kenda Klever RTs. 3 ply sidewall, aggressive deep tread with good siping, yet mild mannered on road. Great in snow and good in rain. I'll never buy dura tracs again..

From: DL
Whatever you buy make sure it’s an “E” rated sidewall. That means you have a 10 ply sidewall. Without that a stick can even poke through your sidewall. Then it won’t matter how many miles your tires last on the highway. Years ago I put on brand new 30” tires on my Samurai. Light vehicle why do I need an E rated tire. Less than 500 miles and a stick poked through the sidewall. The spare tire was a stock tire. Something else to consider is have the same size spare, especially if you’re hunting places that have lots of obsidian like Oregon.

From: JLeMieux
Thanks for all the feed back guys!

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