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BULELK1 19-Jun-21
From: hoytshooter1
Results are posted... there were a lot of UN's in front of my successful's

We struck out. Max deer points in the special draw too.

From: Bake
Swing and a miss. I was fairly confident I'd draw a mulie tag with 10 points. . . guess not.

I really need to burn my mulie and antelope points. I have too many for WY

From: jstephens61
Add a antelope tag to my general elk.

From: g5smoke21
Was certain I would draw antelope and got the unsuccessful. Point creep sucks

Still max points for deer! I need to give up on a late season hunt and find something I can take Mrs. BOHNTR on and chase velvet bucks.

From: tkjwonta
10 antelope points and 3 deer points, POOF, gone. Thank you WY Santa.

From: midwest
Got my 2 RP lope tags......happy dance!

From: 160andup
Doe antelope tags for us, just what we wanted. Point creep on some of those the type 1 tags this year is impressive!!!

From: Don K
WY Antelope, here I come. Should be a fun hunt


From: YZF-88
I drew as well. Cut it way closer than I thought with my 9 points!

From: yeager
My wife and I both drew either sex and doe/fawn antelope tags. One of my buddies drew a doe/fawn, and the other an either sex.

From: Treeline
Pulled an antelope tag. Should be a good one!

From: Predeter
Buck and doe antelope tags for me. 5th year in a row chasing WY speed goats!

From: WYOelker
I pulled a good Lope tag again, and 2 doe fawn lope tags here by the house.

Wife Drew a good unit for Elk with My daughter. Daughter Drew good elk tag and a doe fawn lope tag. We also have overlapping general deer for all 3.

Fun Times ahead of us for sure...

From: badbull
No region deer tag due to point creep. Would have been a sure draw in the past. WYOelker, good for you as it seems that being a resident is paying off. Hope for one of your stories later this year....... Badbull

No on Deer, shoulda went Special, but a surprise Lope tag for 61…Pretty stoked on that one!

From: jmiller
Wow point creep took a tag I would have drawn with 1 point in the special last year to needing 4 points this year. Of course, I had 3.....

Point creep has been nuts this year.

From: molsonarcher
Got an antelope tag

From: PushCoArcher
First time in 4 years I haven't drawn anything in Wyoming. Oh well always next year.

From: clwg97
General B tag here for Deer, Excited to get out and chase some.

From: INbowdude
Cashed in on an nr deer tag and drew nr antelope with no points. Lucky!

From: SBH
No dice for me. 4 pts. The unit I put in for now takes 7-8. When I started buying for it, I needed 4. Seems to me I'm climbing a ladder that gets a rung added every time I take a step. Still need the same amount of pts as when I started.

From: 7mm08
First time I didn't get a buck lope tag. I didn't even put in a second or third choice as I always get drawn in this area. Was about 60% success with zero pp this year... used to be 100%. I did get a deer tag and two lope doe tags. What is rough is we built a house and live here now... as of March 2021, and I have antelope bedding in my yard almost daily! ??

From: YZF-88
Why did Wyoming just charge my credit card $84.50? What am I missing? I'm not getting any emails from them...and I didn't log on to buy anything.

From: GBTG
Archery license and conservation stamp.

From: YZF-88
Makes sense. Assuming I must have put that in my cart or something back when I applied.

From: timberline53
Thankfully drew unit 64 antelope with eleven points. Have any of you bowsiters hunted this unit? Hopefully the drought not so bad up there in Wyoming as here in western Colorado!

Yup, Archery Stamp and Cons Stamp…Did mine today as well!


It's always nice to get back home from a trip and find out I drew my 2nd choice Deer tag!

I'm just doing points (max) on Antelope.

Going to be fun as my Buddy drew a Unit 4 Mnt. Goat tag and I can use my Gen elk tag in the overlap unit 73 elk and this 2nd Choice Block of units 148 kill Whitey deer tag, basically Region H Whitetail only tag.

I've hunted elk in 73 before and almost always have seen Mnt. Goats and glassed up some Grizzzzz now and then.

Good luck, Robb

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