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From: Rut Nut

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Some of these so called "intellectuals" really need to find some "common sense!" : (

So the objection to this statue is that PRESIDENT Teddy Roosevelt is on horseback and the native american and african american are standing?! Maybe that's because he was the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and has NOTHING to do with race?! YOU THINK???!!! ;-)

When will this asinine political correctness end?! : (

From: Supernaut
Located in "NYC". Tells me all I need to know regarding the decision to remove the statue.

From: Hackbow
"When will this asinine political correctness end?! : ("

Most likely when the useful tool libtards have put the final nail in the coffin of anything resembling a representative republic and the true tyrants take over. There will be no need for political correctness at that point since those in power will have nothing further to gain by currying favor with those who will live life 24/7 under Big Brother's thumb.

From: GhostBird
I say... leave the statue and add a couple horses for the natives.

From: Starfire
I'll take it and proudly display it for the public to see- in memory of a great president.

From: Rut Nut
That’s another thing I don’t get..................they are going to move it to another public place, just not in front of the Museum of Natural History. So IF it is so offensive, why are they simply changing it’s location???!!!

“ Though the statue's new home has not yet been determined, the city and museum will coordinate a long-term loan of the statue to publicly accessible grounds or a cultural institution dedicated to Roosevelt, officials with NYC's Public Design Commission said.”

From: keepemsharp
Will this insanity never end?

From: DL
Does that mean Yellowstone’s open for elk hunting since that was Teddys deal? No Teddy no park.

From: Lost Arra
After reading Roosevelt's biographies I believe he would want the statue removed. Nothing about correctness. He specifically instructed his family that he wanted no statues or any images of himself made as a memorial. He'd really be pissed about Mt Rushmore.

His family's importance to the Museum of Natural History is well known with or without the statue


Southern draw's embedded Photo
Southern draw's embedded Photo
Always liked this quote.

From: JohnMC
I need a F-15...

From: JL
Hmmm.....Wokees and PC-ism.

Teddy was a stout fella. If anything has a right to complain....it should be the horses.

From: badbull
My number one president of all time. We still enjoy the results of his presidency to this day. What next ?

From: Buffalo1
Hopefully the statue and the entire Roosevelt African safari exhibition can be moved to BPS.

That statue has been there since 1940 and is the museum has millions of visitors per year. Of those millions of visitors, wonder how many people even know who is on the horse and how many are so offended they refuse to enter the museum ?

I have had the opportunity of visiting that museum in life. The last time was one week before departing for Africa. My visit was like a "pep rally" for my African hunt !

From: Bowhunt3138
But it's ok to put up a statue of a career criminal !? This crap is out of control!!

From: Wild Bill
"This crap is out of control!!"

It's all about control, especially of your thoughts. Socialists are all about having absolute power for themselves.

From: KSflatlander
Completely and total stupid. Art is interpreted by the observer. I don’t see any issue with the statue. In fact I see the unity in it.

From: kscowboy
Remove it and put it in the middle of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. At least those people have respect for what the man did versus this “woke culture.” He deserves admiration, not criticism.

From: thedude
It wont stop there. Even though he preserved 10% of the usa for public access and set us on a course to become a super power he was "cancelled"

From: Inshart
The USA has completely gone to shit! I'm glad I'm as old as I am, I do worry for my kids and G-kids tho.

I moved out of the confines of NYC about 15 years ago, not too far, just into Nassau County, about 20 minutes away. I still work in Manhattan, and come into Penn Station every single day. What I have witnessed, my city which I grew up in, turn into, is abhorrible. The amount of lawlessness, homeless, drug addicts, criminals, and filth, created by the current Mayor and his thief, I mean wife, is unbelievable. The NYPD are basically handcuffed themselves, there is no more bail, if, and I do mean IF a criminal is arrested, he/she/whatever pronoun is released. During last year's riots, or peaceful protests, whichever you feel right to call them, out of over 1,000 arrests, only 2 people were kept in jail. A law professor and a silver spoon fed brat, why, because they were caught after throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police cruiser and setting it on fire. Every other perp was released. The Mayor's own daughter was arrested for throwing bricks at the NYPD. And his wife, who is not being held accountable for over 850 million dollars which was supposed to go to her "Mental Health Care Initiative" has vanished. Religious statues, churches, synagogues, Columbus statues, schools, parks, etc... are all under attack. Wake up people, Lenin is knocking on your door. Fly a flag and take a stand. The city is worse than the crackhead 80's with David Dinkins as mayor.

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