Backpack Sleep Pad for fat guy?
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From: WYOelker
So my son and I are starting to backpack. I am big, 6’ 2 just under 300 pounds. I know I need to drop weight, figure a few back pack trips will help…

I have good gear for everything except a sleep pad. My base camp pads are huge and weigh too much to pack.

So what sleeping pad is the best for big guy? One that will last year. 20 year ago I had the therma test, but there are so many options and new technologies…

So what would you recommend?

From: Jaquomo
Unless you want to go minimalist, still hard to beat a Thermarest...

From: Brun
I have a Big Agnes Q-core. Very compact and lightweight. I have used mine at least 50 times in the last year and a half. No problems so far. Check it out. Might be good for you.

I thought this was going to be a thread started by Pat

From: KSflatlander

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Klymit Static-V Luxe might be what you are looking for. Light and compact. Me and the wife use the regular Static-V and love them. Especially the insulation value when sleeping on the cold ground.

From: Glunt@work
Thermarest Mondo King might fit the bill. Weighs a pound which is a lot but I am considering something like it. My back has been abused but I can carry a lot comfortably. Just can't sleep worth a darn without a lot of padding.

From: WYOelker
Thanks guys. I will look.

I will give. Review of what I end up getting.

I just opened the thread to see who the fat guy was.

From: Rut Nut
I'm with KSflatlander! I have the regular Klymit Static V and really like it. I have had Thermarest and Big Agnes, but the Klymit is now my GO TO for backpacking!

From: Tdwhip
BA. Q-core is the only thing I thing I'll use now. Invest in the inflation bag.

I’m a fan of the Static V as well.

I’m an active side sleeper and I’ve had a pad spring a bad leak on a hunt.

If you want real luxury and a back up and are willing to pay the small weight penalty, pick up a Thermarest Torso in addition to whatever pad you choose. Princess and the pea kind of comfort and you’re covered if you have a problem with your pad.

From: wilhille
Exped, Exped, EXPED!

Thank me later.

From: Mule Power
Exped for me.

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