Anyone watching Clay?
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From: WVFarrier
First, I will admit I dont watch TV but a fellow archer (clay hayes) is competing on the Season 8 of the show Alone. He bagged a spot in stalk buck the other night. It was pretty great to watch. He is a super cool, down to Earth guy and a great hunter.

From: Bowboy
Yep I saw that show the other night. Hopefully he gets another deer. He's doing pretty good compared to some of the other people.

From: ohiohunter
Kudos to him! I hope goes the distance. It’ll be interesting to see if he can preserve and protect his harvest.

From: White Falcon
The deer was great, but he needs some fish for the fat he needs also.

From: t-roy
I only caught part of the show, the other night. He had already killed the buck and was working on his smokehouse. He came across to me, as a pretty humble, down to earth kind of guy.

From: Big Fin

Big Fin's Link
Clay is a great guy. Once I learned he was going to be on Alone, I wish Vegas would have let me put money on who would win. I would have put a big bet on him.

I had him on my podcast last month and a lot of the discussion was about his season on Alone. Obviously, until the show is done airing he is not allowed to tell how he did. Podcast episode is at the link.

My gut tells me he was in it until the bitter end.

From: milnrick
We've been watching it since the season began. I think he and the Lady who built the dugout shelter will definitely be in the final 3.

From: Bou'bound
This is a great show. Of the 8 seasons so far this is by far the least interesting and they are facing little hardship or challenge compared to other seasons. Season 7 in the artic for 100 days is nothing short of epic and must see. To this point This year is a Cub Scout camp out compared to what they went through last season.

I was just turned on to the show by a friend. Don’t do much on the tv scene. Go I got To watching and now the wife is hooked and we’re already on the start of season 4

From: Inshart
Yup, been watching since the beginning, agree that Clay has a good shot at it. (pun intended :) )

Agree, this one does not seem to have the amount of hardships the others have had and they appear to tap out quicker than in the past shows.

From: Bob H in NH
It's early, hasn't gotten cold yet

From: ki-ke
Great show. I hope Bear Grylls is watching.....and learning

From: Live2Hunt
Not as many hardships? They can't shoot bears, can't kill squirrels for food, not many deer, fishing is tough. Not sure how they are going to set snares or deadfalls as a squirrel may get into them.

From: midwest
Where does this one take place?

From: Beav
I feel there is way less food sources this go around. The weight loss in this one seems to be more extreme than many of the previous seasons.

From: Ken Taylor
I like the Alone series too... but that other Alone show they called the "Arctic" was absolutely not in the arctic.

From: Snag
This year they are in British Columbia, Midwest. It has proven to be quite a lot more difficult as far as obtaining meat this year. Hope Clay can hold onto his deer and start catching fish.

From: MarkU
Watched it last night. Clay climbs a tree when a bear heads his way along the beach, then has to spray one when he follows it's tracks and it comes back to see who is following.

Rose seemed to be out of touch with reality, before and after she got pulled.

From: Jeff Holchin
I’ve bowhunted with Clay and think he has the skills and mental toughness to win this season. You can search for him at Twisted Stave Media and check out his weekly discussions of each episode or view his many other videos. Pretty cool bowhunter.

From: sticksender
Winning that show is mostly about emotional stability. He'll win unless he gets hurt. The big dude Biko will give him a run for his money though.

From: woodguy65
I think he’ll win it as well

I called it after the first episode... Clay wins. I also called it on the first episode that the pussy from Wyoming would be the first to go. Ed F

From: Bou'bound
Which one is the guy with the stick thru his nose?

From: 7mm08
Biko, I think? Guy has the right attitude and toughness, but not much in skills IMO. I feel for him as he seems to lack good clothing and equipment.

From: Brotsky
LOL Ed, I agree 100%. I can always pick out the ones who will tap out first. Mental weakness is easy to spot!

From: Bowboy
Yeah, Biko has a hard time catching fish. He also has bad ankles for a young guy. He does have the extra weight which helps. There down to four now.

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