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From: Coulee
I am working with the Alberta Bowhunters' Assoc. and our provincial Hunters' education to revamp the bowhunting portion of Hunters Education. Any links here to some good bowhunters' ed. materials? Pls and thank you.

From: Kurt
You might try the National Bowhunter Education Foundation down in the US. And thanks for doing working on Bowhunter Ed in Alberta.

From: jdbbowhunter
Not NY poor at best. Just show up and you pass.

From: Paul@thefort
Google, Colorado Bow Hunting Education, on line. - and ----------for more information. In addition, Colorado has both on line and in class instruction by quantified bow hunter ed instructions. In most cased Bow Hunter Ed is not required but (Firearm) Hunter Ed is required. A few years back, The CBA tried to get Mandatory Bow Hunter Ed, required, put the Wildlife Commission voted that down, thinking Hunter Ed was enough. Actually the Division did a survey of resident and non resident bow hunters and the majority of these hunters voted down the idea that mandatory Bow Hunter Ed. was needed.

From: milnrick
Contact Marilyn Bentz, she's the Director of the International Bowhunter Education Foundation and she'll give you as much help as needed.

Also, Google the study guide, Today's Bowhunter.

From: Thornton
Teach'em to wait on the perfect shot. Too many cripples these days with impatient hunters itching to use their crossbows and compounds. Our Kansas hound sites blow up with hundreds of requests for tracking dogs during rut bow season.

From: DanaC
A lot of states (and Canadian Provinces) require it to buy a license. So even if your home state doesn't, if you plan to travel it's good to have.

Some states 'grandfather' you if you have a previous bowhunting license or tag, not sure if any still extend non-residents the same. (Vermont did ages ago when I hunted up thataway. Once I got the first, could just show previous non-res license.)

As said above, best contact officials at your intended destination.

From: Highlife
Yup stick and string guys never cripple animals seriously ?

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