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CRAIG, Colo. – Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Evan Jones recently received Pope and Young Club’s prestigious “Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer Award” along with a standing ovation from over 700 attendees during a special ceremony held on July 16 in Reno, Nev.

“Not only has this year’s recipient apprehended poachers, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in fines to those convicted, Officer Jones’ actions have also likely discouraged a number of potential poachers from following through with ill intent,” said Pope and Young Club Board Member Neil Thagard.

In his nomination for Jones, CPW Assistant Area Wildlife Manager Mike Swaro wrote:

“Jones has a natural knack for wildlife investigations and catching the poachers that steal Colorado’s crown jewel, the wildlife resource. Every year Jones makes numerous cases on individuals illegally taking wildlife through party hunting, detailed residency investigations, and hunting without licenses.”

The nomination listed Jones’ involvement in helping nab multiple poachers in the CPW’s Northwest Region over the past few years, including: An outfitter who was baiting elk and hunting on public land with invalid licenses. With the help of the investigative unit, Jones documented numerous illegal elk harvested that season and the following season. The illegal harvest and transport of a mule deer to Mississippi. Catching a poacher known as "The Ghost" who was purchasing licensees that were not valid and harvesting big game in Colorado. “These cases are just a snapshot of the successful prosecutions Wildlife Officer Evan Jones closes every year,” Swaro said. “Officer Jones is also a mentor to other Officers in the area on their cases by giving additional perspectives to help solve cases, reviewing search warrants, and organizing case files. He also is a Field Training Officer for new officers just entering their career and is looked up to and called often by those he has mentored.”

From: Shug
Very nice…

From: Ermine
Awesome. Sounds like He’s been doing some Good work!

From: JusPassin
Great job.

From: RK
That's awesome. Does PY GIVE an award for law enforcement from each state or just one for the United States. Either way that is wonderful stuff

One for the U.S.

From: Ironbow-cell
Well done sir!!

From: Buffalo1
Very nice honor. Well earned and deserved.

A game warden risk his/her life on every response to a game violation, especially catching a game thief with the evidence. Hats off to these folks. In Mississippi they are often dispatched to in law enforcements assignments during emergency situations. They work a lot of hours when most folks are asleep.

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