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From: Brotsky
Please see below from the Pope and Young club. Thank you to all the Bowsiters who generously contributed to this program and to the sponsorship of these youth members. Very proud of what we have accomplished here. Special thanks to Zack Walton and Danny Evenson for all they do for this program!

Pope and Young is proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Junior Outdoors Program drawing. These winners were selected by Youth Coordinator Justin Broughton, Junior Outdoors advocate Zack Walton, and Marketing Director Dylan Ray out of the pool of all active youth members of the Pope and Young Club on August 4, 2021. This benefit provided to our youth membership is meant to engage our young bowhunters in hunts they may not get a chance to pursue on their own, to create family memories that will last a lifetime, and to cement the fabric of bowhunting as an integral part of their life. The Junior Outdoors Program is also in direct support of the ‘Promote’ pillar of the Pope and Young Club’s strategy to create bowhunters and provide bowhunting opportunities for our youth. These hunts and merchandise packages were acquired through extremely generous donations from the club’s membership, outfitters, and corporate partners.

The program is entirely self-sufficient, not using any funds from the club’s general fund in order to achieve these goals. We would like to take the time to thank everyone who has made donations to sponsor youth memberships, donate hunts and merchandise, and everyone who gave so freely to the Junior Outdoors fund through the hospitality room at the Reno Convention and other Pope and Young events. The smiles we will soon see on the young hunters faces below will return that generosity ten-fold! Winners will be contacted directly via telephone or e-mail with details on how to book their hunt or claim their prize package. In the event the youth is too young to legally participate in the hunt, the prize package will be first offered to an older sibling who is also a youth member. If no such sibling exists, the hunt will be given to an alternate youth member.

Black Bear hunt with Adrenaline Outfitters courtesy of member Dan Evenson and outfitter partner Russ Mehling at Adrenaline Outfitters: Hoyt Carter of Coleharbor, North Dakota

Texas Whitetail Hunt with Joe Keathley on his ranch near San Antonio, Texas courtesy of Joe Keathley: Ruger Jensen of Virden, New Mexico

Texas Hog Hunt on the ranch of member Kyle Hudgins, courtesy of Kyle Hudgins: Heidi Kramer of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Mission Bow Package courtesy of Mission Archery: Emmy Oddermann of Belfield, North Dakota

KUIU clothing package courtesy of our corporate partners at KUIU: Christopher Yorksmith of Show Low, Arizona

From: bigeasygator
P&Y is characterizing a weekend hunting with Kyle as a prize and not as punishment?? What did Heidi do to deserve this?? :-)

Awesome job from the P&Y with this program, especially those that are donating hunts and prizes (even Kyle)!

From: No Mercy
Great job Brotsky, Zack and all involved with this program!

From: midwest
Fantastic work, guys! Congrats to all the young bowhunters!

From: GhostBird
Great program Justin, thanks to you and all those that helped make this possible. P&Y doing good things for bowhunters and our future. Congratulations to all the winners!

From: sitO
Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to you guys behind the scenes and the "donators"! The future looks bright with this program!


Adrenaline Russ's Link
Looking forward to having Hoyt up hunting bear with us in 2023!!

Russ & Shelley Mehling - Adrenaline Outfitters

From: Scoot
Congrats to all of the winners! Super cool opportunity for them.

Nicely done P& Y and all involved. My best, Paul

From: kota-man
Very cool. Love this program…

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