Mt Home vac pack meals
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FYI, I was given 20 Mt Home vac pack meal with and expiration date of 2018. I called the company and they stated these meals have a 30 year shelf life. The production year on these packs was 2011. Good to go it seems. Paul

From: KSflatlander
I tried some a few years past the expiration date once. They may be safe to eat but they didn’t taste like “fresh” MH. Might want to cook one at home and give it a test run.

From the MH website, 30 Year Shelf Life*

Based on our ongoing sensory and nutrition testing of actual Mountain House products, in July 2016, we raised the shelf-life on our Mountain House meals to 30 years. Purchased Mountain House before then? That’s okay! Our Taste Guarantee is retroactive to products dating all the way back to 1986. We confidently claim a 30-year shelf life, because our testing has shown the shelf life exceeds 30 years. We’ve had independent studies performed on actual 30-year-old product stored under real-world conditions, which weren’t always ideal – not on newer product exposed to an accelerated –time environment in a laboratory. We’ve personally tasted products that were 35 years old and still taste great! Take Mountain House with you on your next outdoor adventure or store just in case that next storm knocks your power out.

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