I-70 to open Sat.
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From: Highway Star
Just read on fb that I-70 will open through Glenwood Canyon on Sat. the 14th. Scott

From: maxracx
I sure hope that is true and they don't get any more heavy rain. We need to drive that route on the way to our hunting area in mid Sept. I have been studying other less traveled routes and all are a bit sketchy.

From: JohnMC
I heard they were going to keep closed and close it at the KS border and also close I-25 and the WY and NM border during archery elk. To keep all the OTC out of state elk hunters away! ;)

Hope they do for the locals sake. I don’t mind a detour for my entrance and exit in a couple weeks But it’s got to be getting old for the people that live there

From: Grey Ghost
Oh man, I hope this is true. CDOT's recommended detour route has made a mess out of Highway 40. I've never seen as much traffic between Winter Park and Craig as I saw last weekend.


Update on Aug. 11 at 10:59 a.m.: While assessing the highway damage, Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday morning announced that I-70 through Glenwood Canyon will partially reopen Saturday afternoon. It will be two lanes in both directions, but at mile marker 123.5, which saw the worst damage, it’ll go down to one lane.

Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon will be partially open within “days, not weeks,” Colorado Department of Transportation Executive Director Shoshana Lew said Tuesday afternoon.

The state of Colorado also received word Tuesday that the federal government granted 10 percent of its recent request for $116 million in emergency funding.

From: Quinn @work
Wow! Hats off to CDOT for getting it passable so quickly. That was quite a mess.

From: soccern23ny
Cross your fingers, things are in a real quagmire right now. Sadly if it rains again it will more than likely close again. I don't think they have any feasible way or any measures in place to stop/prevent/detour another mudslide.

From: SBH
We’ll take some of your rain up here in MT if anyone knows how to make that happen.

From: Aspen Ghost
Does this mean they will be closing down Hwy 50 again Monday through Friday East of Montrose? It had been closed M-F before the slide but they reopened it when I70 closed.

From: Surfbow
Oh good, I saw that stranded Greyhound way up on Coffee Pot road on Sunday, pretty funny, time for the idiots to get back on the tarmac...

First I heard about I-70 being closed. What happened? I just got back from a month in Africa.

From: JohnMC
Mud slide

From: billygoat
I tried 133 to 92 to 50 to get home from scouting and I do not want to haul my (slightly pampered) horses on that route. They never asked for a roller coaster ride!

From: sitO
Came through there twice in the last 12mo or so when it was closed. The drive up through Steamboat ain't so bad, and you get to eat at Taco Cabo.

Big chance of rain again this week.

From: goelk
they installed car size sand bags to stop the debris but it will not stop water if it rains again. that's what they are hoping for

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