New Zealand is closed
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wvfarrier 12-Aug-21
ohiohunter 12-Aug-21
wkochevar 12-Aug-21
kentuckbowhnter 12-Aug-21
chillkill 13-Aug-21
Bowfreak 13-Aug-21
Tonybear61 13-Aug-21
From: wvfarrier
New Zealand is closed for the rest of the year

From: ohiohunter
Yeah. Crazy, talked to a NZ’r the other day. Said he’s pretty much stuck in the states.

From: wkochevar
I wonder what criteria determines the low-risk countries?

It should go both ways, nobody should be able to leave the country if they are a New Zealander.

From: chillkill
News papers and tv publish and talk crap.. The truth probably is he doesn't want to come back.. But nzdrs can come home and do a compulsory isolation so you dont bring covid with you.. Do you think we should be like you guys and bring covid in and spread it around the country.. We know that around 20/25% of migrants on your southern border, are infected,cheers.

From: Bowfreak
Chill, I think you guys should be locked down and robbed of any freedom you might have. Enjoy....we will keep in living life.

From: Tonybear61
NZ locked down. Too bad was looking forward to some trout fishing while my wife and I celebrated our 25th down there.

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