Fixing the rigs!!!
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From: WYOelker

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WYOelker's embedded Photo
Well I am behind this season. I am fatter and my rigs are also in rough shape. This week is the jeep!

Rebuilt and tuned the carb, installed a new stereo, alternator upgrade in the making. Oil change, Fuel Filter, greased all fittings, and retightened the rear bumper…

After the Jeep it’s the blazers turn in the shop!

From: Inshart
Well, at least you can work on those --- the new ones are so full of electronics the normal back yard mechanic has no chance of messing with them. You can't even change your own oil or it voids the warranty on the newer ones.

From: WYOelker
Yes. That is the key. Reliable, rugged and easy to fix. I have a 72 blazer and the jeep. I bought the jeep in 1995 while in high school. Since then I have pretty much changed/upgraded everything.

Well my rig ain't that old, but just hit the 100K mark. Just changed the front, rear differential & transfer case fluid, Transmission fluid plus internal & external filters, fuel filter, 4 new glow plugs, Oil & filter, 4 new rotors and pads all around. That was about $1000 doing the work myself. Should be ready to go now.

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