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Let the point game begin…..just bought my first points for a western state.. Wyoming Elk and Antelope

From: Blood
Good for you! I’ve got 6 points for elk in WY. I’ll cash them in next year or the year after. :)

Gotta start somewhere! Talked to a few people and Wyoming seemed like the spot. Not crazy numbers to potentially get drawn in a few years! Wouldn’t be doing anything DIY first time. Definitely look to go guided to get my feet wet and then go from there!

From: t-roy
They say they the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Good for you in getting started! Hopefully you have a great experience when you finally do draw your first western tag!

Good for you!

Wyoming elk hunting is addictive-------->

Good luck, Robb

From: Bowboy
Wyoming hunting sucks don't do it:)

Bowboy I feel like your trying to steer me wrong hahaha!

Troy after we talked I said f it and jumped in. Better late then never. I’m only 28 so I got time to build before I’m old and crippled…..hopefully lol

From: molsonarcher
Good idea getting some points now. It’s only getting harder to draw and without something in the works, your future hunting will be much more limited. Wyoming is a great place to get started. I said when I first started that WY would be the only state I bought points in. Boy was I wrong!

From: Inshart
After your first hunt --- you will join a BUNCH of us ---- "Hi, my name is Nick and I'm an Elkoholic"

Haha bob! Well we go to the elk zones every year in PA and hit the public areas and find elk. And every time we get close and start seein em we get all jacked up lol. Can’t wait to bank a few points then put in to draw.

Two states I'd put in for if I were just starting out like you are, WY and AZ. It doesn't pay to start buying points in other states now like CO and NV. You won't live long enough to ever draw in those states so save your money. Yes, there are OTC tags in CO and you could always do that but I am talking about buying points with the pipedream of literally using them one day to draw a quality tag. Good luck!

No Colorado chance if I bought now? I’m only 28. Like to think I have a few good years left hahahahahahah

From: Jethro
Good for you MA-PA. As long as you enter the points game with an understanding of how it works and what you can realistically draw, it’s always better to have points than to not have any.

From: WapitiBob
Apply in UT every year trying to draw a random tag, use the license for two years.

Apply for Elk in AZ every year trying to draw a random tag,, use the license for two years.

Apply and/or buy points every year in WY for E/D/A.

I would hunt rather than build points, you're 20 years behind everybody else.

Ya I guess I’m late Bob. Didn’t start buying when I was 8 years old lol.

From: cnelk
Yeah. Don’t buy PPs in Colorado. There aren’t any units to hunt unless you have a pile - haha

From: Tilzbow
Join TopRut to find out draw odds by state, species, unit and points. Based on my research they have to most accurate draw odds and the fees are reasonable. Reading through details state by state to find out your odds is an eye opening and depressing experience. This coming from someone who has built up 16 - 18 points across many states for multiple species.

As far as MT & NV, you’ve got a chance no matter how many bonus points you’ve got. Unlike UT and AZ there isn’t a max point draw that eliminates half of the available tags prior to the random draw. The only premium tag I’ve drawn in all the states I apply in so far was a moose tag in MT in the hardest to draw unit in the state and I drew that with only 6 bonus points.

NM is also a good option since they don’t use a point system.

Spend time learning the intricacies of each state’s draw system so you understand what you’re getting into. They’re all different and some are pretty complicated.

From: tkjwonta
Sounds like you're off to a good start, Nick. As others stated, figure out what your objectives are and go from there to find states/species that match those objectives. I've never drawn a "top" unit, but I've had 6 deer tags and an antelope tag over the last 10 years just by "playing the game" and gone on hunts with friends/family the other years. Good luck and feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

From: Soul Piney
I started when I was your age Nick, and I just got my 12th WY elk, 11th deer and antelope today. And I do recommend CO as a lot of the previously OTC units went to a Draw. Good luck

From: Deercy
Plenty of opportunity on low point colorado hunts. Actually all I've ever hunted.

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