A Salute to our Veterans of Afghanistan
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From: Stix
I know we have vastly different opinions and political positions on the Afghan situation, but with today ending our 'official' military presence in the Afghan theater, God put it on my heart to pay tribute to all who served there, without any political vitriol, focusing on the folks who sacrificed their lives, the ultimate sacrifice, those injured both physically and emotionally, and those who sacraficed from their lives to fight the war on terror.

From 1982 to 2008 when I retired, I served with America's best and brightest. I salute all of my brothers and sisters who gallantly served to keep America safe. I will never forget your sacrafice and your gallantry.

De Oppresso Liber

From: JL
I'd also give a salute to the spouses and children of the service members. They held the fort down and some lost their husbands, wives, mothers and fathers.

From: TGbow
Thank God for all those that have served. Steve, thank you for your ssrvice. I salute our veterans and those that have fallen. My son did 2 tours in Iraq in the USMC.

From: badbull
Steve, thank you so much! I know how it makes me feel when someone says " thank you" to me for time served. Your post was eloquently stated and well timed. Badbull

From: itshot
never taught the salute, never had to use it

bet your ass I'm giving it my best effort right now!

eternally grateful for those that served

no words can express the thanks and reverence for those still with us living with injuries of all types mental & physical

for those we've lost, i can only thank their families left behind and hope they can remember their loved ones with strength and know that they represent the most honorable among us

Semper Fi to all who served and Gods speed to the Fallen.

From: Rickm
Thank you for posting. Fully support our military and first responders. God bless!

From: SIP
Great post. Thank you to the brave men and women

Thank you

From: ahunter76
Being a veteran & having a retired Army Irak son in law 2 brothers that served (all nam era, 1 brother all in nam & another 20+ Navy retired-me 5 yrs Navy & 2 of those with the Marines as a Corpsman. I have almost daily my entire life given thanks to all who have served AND their immediate families. They suffer & worry tons also. I am so saddened by everything about this. I told my Marines, I can fix your wounds but I can't fix your thoughts. God bless them all. Good thread, thnks..

From: Bowboy

Bowboy's embedded Photo
Bowboy's embedded Photo
Ten Hut the brave who sacrifice there lives for the cause and country. They finally came home to the land of the free.

From: Zbone
They have my Salute...

From: Rupe
God Bless the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless the men and women who are stranded there. And God Bless the people who will now be trapped under Satanic rulers.

From: scentman
I Salute the brave soldiers of our Great Nation, who are merely pawns in a political chess game.

From: drycreek
Even if I don’t believe we belong in some of these so-called wars, I’m a big supporter of our vets, especially the ones who have been injured. That’s why I give to Tunnels To Towers every month and have for quite a while. I just wish that the pricks in Washington actually wanted to win and not just sacrifice our young men and their families.

From: jdee
God bless all vets !! It’s not good when you see the enemy flying Blackhawk helicopters and the President doesn’t say anything about it.

From: LINK
Thank you for your service!

From: BowHiker
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you., and a major salute to all the amazing men and women who have served, are serving, or will serve. You are what makes America great. Thank you and God bless!

From: Bowboy
What's embarrassing and makes me mad is when the bodies were being taken off the plane President Biden kept looking at his watch. This is very disrepectful to the fallen and thier families.

From: BigOk
Thank you for your service!

From: bowhunter24
A big thank you to all who have served and their family's. I will be taking a solder out this October for a little fishing tournament and I encourage all who are able to try and find something to give back to these great men and women!

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