Expansion of Hunting & Fishing Rights
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midwest 31-Aug-21
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GF 02-Sep-21
JL 02-Sep-21
From: midwest

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A little good news from this administration...

From: drycreek
Must have been a mistake, everything else is…….

From: Catscratch
What's the catch? Where is this going to hurt us?

Sounds good but, I’m holding my breath on things like this. Even If his intent is well meaning, it won’t be long before politics get involved and it’s manipulated into something different then it’s intended goal.

From: GF
I saw that the Biden administration is also backing the de-listing of the wolf, which was actually something that has been in the works since the Obama administration….

I don’t know about you guys, but I can get behind a sensible idea, and I don’t care who came up with it. It just has to work from end to end.

From: JL
The catch is ya have to wear a mask if it's federal land. :-)

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