Food Plot- Which Oats for seed??
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Dagwood 01-Sep-21
Pat Lefemine 01-Sep-21
Habitat 01-Sep-21
Pat Lefemine 01-Sep-21
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From: Dagwood
Almost food plot time. Just need a little rain. So around here in Arkansas, we plant winter wheat and oats for our base foodplots, at least I do. And you can buy 2 kinds of oats, Bob Oats, which is feed oats for $12 a bag. Or Seed Oats for planting for $35 a bag.

So is 3 times the cost worth the extra for seed oats? Or will at least half the Bob oats germ and come up making it the better buy?? I normally plant about 300 lbs.


From: Pat Lefemine
Some of my friends swear there’s a difference. I’ve only planted cheap oats and the deer eat them up, I imagine the deer head bags containing oats are cheap oats. I have had good luck with buck forage oats.

From: Habitat
I planted oats for the first time last year using Real World seed and they kept them about 3 inches tall the whole year

From: Pat Lefemine
It’s pretty easy to determine whether the deer prefer a particular type of oats. Just plant a portion of the plot in the quality oats and another portion in the cheap oats. Then eyeball the utilization or use cams to determine if there’s a difference.

From: Wildan2
cheaper oats will still give 80% germination.just not certified "seed oats".

From: t-roy
IMO, the only downside to planting the cheap oats is the potential for introducing weed seeds into your plots, vs certified oats. Generally certified oats are cleaner. I’ve planted the Buck Forage oats and the “Bob” or “Jerry” type oats, and can’t say that I’ve seen any difference in the utilization of one vs the other.

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